Scrooge runs a money lending business, which requires him to keep track of all the accounts, all the loans, the increases the longer they are overdue, and when debts must be paid… in other words, a thousand small details. He is content in his routine of going to work each day, locking up each night, and going home with very few outside pleasures in the meantime. He has a strong concept of how reality works and how to accomplish success within it, and it is effortless for him to turn a profit. He is a businessman, capable, efficient, and interested in turning a profit. Scrooge has no problem asking for debts to be paid or settling accounts. He easily manages his employees and the bookkeeping. When Cratchit disappoints him, Scrooge chooses a punishment that actually furthers his own business – he makes it so Cratchit has to work overtime for no pay. When under suspicion of murder, he can easily point to facts exonerating him. Because Scrooge is such an unhealthy and bitter man, he has no love for anyone else, he continually finds ways to profit from other people’s unhappiness, and raises interest to squeeze every last penny out of them… because he loves money. He shows zero remorse or sadness over his partner’s death. He has zero interest in imagination, but is very good at thinking up ways to increase his profit margins. Scrooge also seems to have a general sense of what is going on around him as regards the people on the street, but rarely goes out of his way to find out the truth.

Enneagram: 5w6 sp/so

Scrooge loves money, a lot. He hordes it, along with the information he gathers. He’s secretive, possessive of what he owns, and detached from even his business partner, whom he looks on with disgust after his death. He sneers at Marley’s extracurricular activities, taking pride in how he never “shared” them. Scrooge can be suspicious, paranoid, and distrusting (both his 5 and his suspicious 6 wing). As an unhealthy self-preservation 5, he hordes his resources, ensuring he has a safe place to return to at the end of the day and enough solitude.