Problematic ENTPs enjoy playing with people and their feelings for their own intellectual amusement. Sebastian loves to do this with people—he makes conquests of their daughters and then flaunts it in their faces. The movie opens with him telling a therapist everything she wants to hear in therapy and faking being better thanks to her help, when in reality he has just humiliated her daughter by posting nude photos of her on the internet, then he laughs it off when the therapist threatens to ruin his life. When he decides to seduce Annette, because he thinks her belief in chastity is narrow-minded, he plays with her feelings and thoughts, presenting alternate ways for her to interpret things and pretending to be someone he is not. He doesn’t see this as a problem, because people exist for him to “use” them (unhealthy ETPs can fall into skating by on being charming, while thinking about how to “hack” them to get what they want from others, without thinking of the emotional impact they are having). He is so out of touch with his feelings, he doesn’t recognize love for what it is, and almost loses it – because he was so focused on external affirmation and reward, rather than knowing and owning his own sensitivities. He gets angry when Kathryn shames him and instead of agreeing with her, that he is in love, he then becomes self-destructive and wrathful. He shows almost now Si except in his occasional comparisons to the past (often mockingly), and in his chronic need to keep a diary of all his conquests, which Annette uses after his death to expose his stepsister’s corruption and lack of moral character to the entire school.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sx

Sebastian’s core sin is definitely deceit, since he prides himself on manipulating everyone around him into giving him what he wants, but he is so focused on his reputation, he doesn’t understand his own heart. He allows Kathryn to get him to give up the girl he loves, to protect his reputation as a playboy! He fails to own his feelings or admit to them until after he’s been in a hit and run accident (where he tried to save Annette from being hit by a taxi). He’s proactive in going after what he wants, arrogant, and unafraid to use blackmail as leverage. He finds out that a jock who knows the girl he wants to seduce is gay, then uses photos taken of him to get him to talk Sebastian up to the girl. He sort of goes along with others’ agendas for him at times, because he can’t locate his own motivations, even though he doesn’t care. His 4 wing prides himself on being elitist, not like other people, and superior to them because he doesn’t get entangled up in his messy feelings.

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