There’s nothing worse than a toe-the-line ESTJ villain who justifies their evil with nonsense about everyone serving a place in the system, everyone staying in their place and not being ambitious, and how we all have to be self-sustaining. Mason’s entire speech is unhealthy TeSi to the hilt – there’s no room for compromise, we have to be efficient and sensible and practical, and the entire train runs itself efficiently, and it’s bad to buck the system and attempt to start a revolt, and any punishment incurred for anarchy is well-earned. She has no sympathy for anyone’s suffering other than her own, and is a total sell-out when it comes to attempting to save her own life at the cost of the person she claims to serve (her boss). She blathers on endlessly about the sacred engine choosing everyone’s role and how they all have to say in it, which is just another way to keep people oppressed and deny any sense of moral responsibility for the poor. Nothing she says is her own invention, it’s all rehashed propaganda out of the machine that she just parrots to other people, combined with nauseating praise for their fearless amoral leader. She hates disorder and chaos, and says order holds back death, then moralizing at them for causing problems. But she doesn’t care about anyone else’s survival other than her own (yet wants to impress them with how efficient the system is, and how special it is to eat sushi once a year).

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Mason is the kind of scummy traitor that most people love to hate, a yes-man totally on board with all the BS spread around by Wilford and a cog in his propaganda machine… until it means her possibly dying and then it’s quite amusing how fast she decides she doesn’t believe any of that crap and is willing to sell him out to save herself. Peter Pettigrew would be proud. At the start, all she does is parrot what she’s been told about how they all should stay in their place, they are all a cog in the machine, we need to abide by the class system and not reach above our station, etc, all to avoid anarchy. She gets emotional at the singing of patriotic nonsense and blathers on loyally about how wonderful Wilford is, what a divine, merciful, sacred genius… the true starry-eyed sell-out nature of a 6w5 gone wrong, who has come to depend on an existing system or cult to make sense of the world, and for whom, rules exist as a way to prop up their own bigotry.

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