Judy has a reputation for being something of a dreamy “flake,” because she holds a bunch of opposing points of view, is wildly unrealistic in her expectations, and totally unconcerned with details. She collects various things that contradict each other, such as wearing an evil eye in the hopes that it will keep “cancer demons away from me” (bring her luck), but also being semi-religious, into tarot cards, etc. She is always looking for the best in everyone and in every situation and is enthusiastic about pursuing new ideas and opportunities, so she has a long history of not finishing things. She is somewhat emotionally tone-deaf—sympathetic and sweet, wanting to do things for other people all the time (bake cupcakes for a boy’s birthday when he’s mad at her, because he thinks she had an affair with his father), but not really realizing her affect on them. She pals up with Jen because of her own guilty conscience in running over Jen’s husband in a hit-and-run, and then repeatedly tries to make up with her even though Jen tries to establish a boundary (tells her to get out before she kills her). She would rather not know the odds of surviving her cancer treatments, because “what I don’t know about can’t hurt me.” She’s an artist who puts holes in the hearts of her subjects, to express her own emotional devastation at losing her child in an accident. Judy isn’t all that rational, and is terrible with details—forgetful of things and neglectful of reality. She allows her blind optimism to smooth over any problems and ignore them.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sx

Judy absolutely hates conflict, and would rather ignore problems than face them—she is always talking about things that would make her “calm,” such as healing crystals, good vibes, etc. She doesn’t want bad news, so she refuses to answer her phone, even though it’s from the hospital. She won’t let them tell her about the odds of her survival, either, even though she looks them up for herself later, gets upset, and then tries to do “right” by her friends. Judy starts out the series so wracked with guilt over her role in Jen’s husband’s death, she tries to make amends by entering her life and doing nice, kind things for her. She is often wracked between guilt and wanting to keep the peace, as she and Jen carry out various schemes, tell lies to conceal their crimes, etc. She justifies her deceit by it being necessary to the situation, but has a lot of second thoughts about it and always wants to come clean (she often doesn’t, because it will cause others to get upset with her). She sees things positively and minimizes problems, such as saying that her and Jen fighting was a “minor pause” in their friendship (Jen was angry enough to refuse to speak to her for months, and threatened to kill her if she ever came around again). She believes in ignoring things—erasing the past, moving beyond it, pretending it never happened. Judy is generally pleasant to be around, affirming of people, and non-judgmental of all their choices, but she becomes stressed out under pressure.

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