In one scene midway through the film, we learn that prior to landing in prison, Terry betrayed one of his associates and ran off—with one of the sisters of the thugs guarding the shipment. This tells us what we need to know about his character—that he often acts without thinking through the consequences of his decisions. He wanted to steal the truck, he wanted to sleep with the girl, and so he did both, burning his bridges behind him and leaving him no way to negotiate with these people successfully in the future. This is dominant Se in a nutshell—the desire to take advantage of an immediate opportunity for financial gain, pleasure, or out of pure interest, without considering its future impact. Elsewhere, Terry shows more opportunistic behavior – his idea of a plan is to grab a machine gun and shoot at people to give Lara cover. He worked previously as a military man, but turned into a mercenary who steals from people for a living. He is fundamentally amoral, in the sense that he is driven by financial gain—when he and Lara finally find the box, Terry wants to keep it and sell it to the highest bidder. He doesn’t care that it contains a virus that could wipe out half of humanity, he just sees it as an opportunity to make a couple million dollars. It’s this lack of any kind of internal ethics that makes him an ESTP rather than an ESFP, despite being rather emotional at times. He also assumes he can charm his way out of a bad situation by talking, which is a common behavior of immature ETPs. They know just enough of what to say to make people like them and give them what they want, but often over-estimate their own charm and wind up in hot water when they encounter people who cannot be persuaded by their winning personality. He is also somewhat touchy about Lara having abandoned him and demands to know if it meant anything to her, or if she was just his lover for “four months” (it was five, by her account). He also tries to persuade her to stay with him, implying they can both profit off the orb, but of course, she refuses. Terry’s fatal mistake is in assuming he means more to Lara than he does; her affection for him does not mean she will not shoot him to save humanity.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/sx

It was fairly easy to peg him as a 7, because he’s charming, cheerful, and somewhat narcissistic, with an inflated sense of his own charm and capabilities. He also shows how clearly he’s part of the assertive triad, in how he often goes through other characters to get what he wants. He takes time out of a serious operation to have “fun” on the motorcycles and flirt with Lara. He never assumes he has done anything wrong, and doesn’t apologize for running off with a man’s sister (instead, he asks “how is she?” – implying that once the fling ended, he moved on without a second thought). Terry is rather selfish, in that he wants to profit from the orb, and serves as a criminal who profits off other people’s misfortunes. His greed eventually causes him to turn against Lara and leads to his death. He shows no evidence of an 8 wing, despite his criminal activities. He’s actually rather cautious when going into the unknown, he thinks he should have a gun for safety’s sake when dealing with his old business associates (whom he betrayed), and he’s not as fast as Lara to leap into action to make things happen—he’s more inclined to adopt a fatalistic attitude and think there’s nothing they can do.

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