Chris Evans plays a far cry from his Captain America in this trash-bag of a human being, but Ransom is also a really good example of a screwed up ESTP, seeking to exploit situations however he can—immediately! When his grandfather tells him the money faucet has just been shut off, and he and everyone else have been unceremoniously booted out of the will for being asshats, Ransom gets totally pissed about it. He decides then and there to kill the old man and pin it on Marta, whom granddad confessed was going to get the whole lot of it. So he drives off in a huff, sneaks back into the house, switches out the medicine vials to frame her, and expects her to get arrested and thrown into jail, making the new will null and void and getting him his cash back so he can continue being an idle spendthrift and wastrel. Alas for Ransom, he wakes up to find out his grandfather covered up everything, and so he must find a new tactic—sneaking into the house during the funeral to plant new evidence, then offering Marta a ride out of the disastrous will reading in which his family becomes hostile toward her (did he also sabotage her getaway car? Who knows?). Then and there, he reverses tactics and offers to help her get away with it, if she’ll give him his inheritance after she gets the entire fortune. Slick and opportunistic! But wait, there’s more! He goes on to kill the housekeeper who tries to blackmail him, right under the cop’s noses, and then “confesses to everything” Marta told him, effectively trying to frame her once again for murder. And when Benoit blows the lid off the entire thing, he decides what the hell? Why not? And grabs a knife off the rack and stabs Marta with it, before they can haul his sweet ass off to jail. If that’s not a manipulative, opportunistic, amoral ESTP out to get the upper hand over his dipshit relatives, I don’t know what is! He’s not an ESFP because there’s not a whiff of authenticity about him; he’s pure logical reasoning—everything he does is rational and intended to get him what he wants, it’s just meaner than a barrel of rattlesnakes. He makes me want to punch him in the face, and boy, what a handsome face it is!

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/sx

I never know whether I’m attracted to 7w8s or want to see them drive off the end of a pier, cuz they make life super not-fun for everyone around them, but Ransom just might take the cake. I have a weakness for hot villains and he fits the bill (although I usually go for INTJs… ah well, can’t win them all). It’s easy to tell that Ransom comes from the assertive triad—he is confident and irresponsible, always looking out for himself, and sees how he can exploit the situation and goes for it without regard for the consequences upon his family. For example: choosing to frame Marta for murder, seeing how that might not work, and then agreeing to help her get away with it, if he can extort the money he wants from her in return. Like many irresponsible and unhealthy fictional 7w8s, Ransom is unapologetic about what he wants and how he intends to get it. He didn’t think twice about killing his grandfather once he cut Ransom out of the will, he tends to use people however he sees fit (insulting the housekeeper by demanding she do menial tasks for him like fetch him a glass of milk), and his own father admits that Ransom is irresponsible, hedonistic, and foolish. He has “never had a job in his life” and doesn’t intend to get one. 7s can be angry when cut off from their source of income, because that means they might have to get a job and earn their own living—Ransom sees it as imprisonment to work and an end to his “designer drugs” and “fun” lifestyle. He has no super-ego about him, nothing to suggest he feels responsible for anyone other than himself, and thus no 6 wing—it’s pure 8 all the way, making him double-aggressive, confrontational, and happy when a fight breaks out at the reading of the will, because that’s pure entertainment for him. He also says “in for a penny, in for a pound” before he attacks Marta, intending to kill her in the process of going to jail (since he’s about to get imprisoned, why not?). If he hadn’t been responsible for the murder of the housekeeper, he would have “gotten out on bail, and made Martha’s life a living hell,” showing he has no desire to make nice or abstain from revenge. 7w8s can get wrathful when seeking another person’s destruction, since 8s do not “forgive and forget” without a lot of self-work.

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