ISFPs are something of a trope as the lonely artist, but Xavier fits it well. He is quite emotional and easily offended, often has hurt feelings because Wednesday is just using him or disinterested in him, or hanging out with someone who bullied him and painted over his beautiful art because he’s a “freak.” He’s also clueless about how his feelings affect other people, which is why he has the nerve to ask Bianca to erase his feelings for the new girl, despite her being his ex. Bianca points out that he has no right to dump her, out of being suspicious that she is using her siren song to manipulate him, and then ask her to use it to help him deal with his feelings. ISFPs can get locked into their own emotions and not think about how they are affecting other people, because the intensity of their emotions “right now” are all they can see. They assume the pain they feel in this moment will be eternal. He’s an artist of a visual medium, mostly painting and drawing what he sees from real life and without exaggerations, showing his high attentiveness to the environment. He doesn’t know who the Hyde is, or why he has visions of him, but does not theorize who it could be, or attempt to solve the mystery himself—he just paints out his feelings about it and the images he sees. He realizes that he has been framed, but accuses Wednesday of doing it, rather than identifying the true murderer. His inferior Te can be somewhat blunt – booting his ex girlfriend out of his room and reminding her that they aren’t together anymore (and he’s not interested), and confronting Wednesday with the facts of what Tyler did to him, on her date at the ball.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/sx

Xavier is incredibly chill most of the time, and does not overreact to much of anything, even when Wednesday crushes the spider he just animated out of his sketchpad to impress her. She browbeats him and is mean to him, and he still talks to her and answers her questions. The only thing that upsets him is when she accuses him wrongfully of being the Hyde, and hangs out with Tyler, whom he knows to be a bully. He also does not want to face his emotions half of the time; he asks Bianca to erase them for him, and help him forget Wednesday, just so he doesn’t have to experience being overwhelmed by his angst at her just using him to get information. He also finds certain behaviors inappropriate and gets after Wednesday for being a liar, although it’s more from a place of being hurt than a moral standard.

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