Any time you’re dealing with an action flick, odds are there’s a cardboard cut-out ISTP main character—someone emotionally detached enough to make hard decisions but also proactive and violent enough to hack people up with hatchets when the situation calls for it. And in this largely nonsensical apocalyptic action flick, Curtis fits the bill. This pretty-boy happens to be stuck in the back of a train that is making an endless loop around the world (once loop per year, and it’s been 18 years of “deep freeze”) and he’s sick of being at the bottom of the food chain with all the other unlucky poor people forced to eat cockroach protein bars, so he comes up with a master plan to go through all hundred or so cars to reach the engine and take over so… ah, they can get equality? I guess? Anyway, when a dude is having his arm frozen off as punishment for throwing a shoe at the heinous bitch who took his kid for unknown nefarious reasons, Curtis is able to remain emotionally detached enough to tell nobody to do anything, and he figures out in the process that none of the guards’ bullets have guns in them, and THEN he starts his revolt, something he’s been planning for years and won’t be dissuaded from, even when 78% of his friends wind up dead. He leaps right in there to the action and slices and dices up people with the rest of them, takes Mason hostage, and barters for her life in exchange for her leading them to the jerk who runs the train. In the process, he shows flits of insight now and again, and a lot of weak-sauce inferior Fe (guilt about knowing what people taste like, a desire to see everyone get a fair shake at life, not wanting to be the leader, and talking about his regrets when he thinks he might die). In the end, he makes a heroic sacrifice to save a kid… and then gives another kid the ability to blow up the train, which derails it and kills everyone, because I guess being dead is better than being a cog in the machine. Or… something. I mean, I would choose survival but that’s just me.

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sp

To be honest, Curtis doesn’t have much of a personality and his motivations are unclear. We never know why he doesn’t want to be in charge and resists others pushing him to be their leader. We find out late in the film that originally when forced onto the train, he got so hungry he killed a woman to get at her baby with the intention of eating it, and was only stopped when a man offered up his arm in exchange. This made him feel guilt, but he has “hated” that baby ever since, as he watched him grow up, as a reminder of his own depravity. And it brings other scenes into context, as we realize Curtis never once offered up one of his limbs for them to cannibalize, and he feels bad about this (he doesn’t want to be a leader, because he has “two arms”). Maybe he sees taking over the train and finding justice for everyone as his way to atone. But I do think he shows gut energy, as he picks his battles carefully, he’s willing to sacrifice people to pursue his eventual goal (despite being warm and considerate toward many of his fellow passengers and consoling his friends while they die), he doesn’t hesitate to rescue a child at the end by sacrificing his own arm in the process, and he never once considers that his friend might be a traitor, and gets blindsided by that fact. He’s able to ignore other people’s suffering for a greater cause, which arguably could indicate a 9 wing, since 9s can numb themselves out and ignore situations when necessary.

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