Tyler doesn’t believe in doing anything that doesn’t align with his own values, which means his conflicts with his father center mostly around his dad’s refusal to deal with his wife’s death. He doesn’t believe in ignoring his emotions about her loss or in not addressing them. He ignores his father’s insistence that he stay away from Wednesday, because he feels attracted to her, and is proactive in going after her, because he wants to act on what he feels for her. He gets annoyed at her for sending him “mixed messages” and immediately confronts her about it, because his emotions are staying the same. We later find out that he feels no remorse for his actions and was not acting under duress or mind control, but he enjoyed what he was doing as the Hyde, so he is even unapologetic about those feelings. He’s quite active in terms of taking opportunities as they arise—he makes the cake for Wednesday’s birthday, but then throws his own picnic for her in the crypt and shows her a horror movie (Legally Blonde). He’s delighted to take her to the dance and shows up ready to have a good time. When her investigations get a little too close to the truth, Tyler attacks and terrorizes them in the old house, then injures himself to conceal his crimes. He’s always up for an adventure, but is quick to act to protect himself and his secret. He shows lower Te in how confrontational he can be under stress, and how he constantly talks back to his dad with sarcasm (yelling after his truck about family bonding, and how they are so close to each other). He also has no clue how to fix the coffee maker when it breaks, and has to rely on Wednesday to “save him.”

Enneagram: 9w8 sx/sp

Tyler doesn’t like people sending him mixed messages, since he would rather they make up their mind and act on it in the way that he does. He floats between avoiding conflict and causing it in mild forms by standing up for himself. When Wednesday finds out about him being a bully in his former years, he apologizes for it and says he’s not that person anymore (but that is not entirely true). He is also annoyed that she would bring it up and make it a problem. He goes along with the murder’s agenda, but also wants her to know that he wasn’t brainwashed, he knew what he was doing, and he enjoyed doing it, as an unapologetic admission of his own tendencies to enjoy being “bad.” 8s like to be bad to some extent, and as villains, aren’t riddled with guilt or beset by having delusional “good intentions.” They can just enjoy generating pain, revenge, and chaos.

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