The principle seems to be both a skilled communicator, able to build bridges between people, and rather intolerant of differences in the case of Wednesday, and her approach to investigating the series crimes happening around Nevermore. She cares very much about how they are coming across, and whether the school is making inroads into the normal community in an attempt to make everyone get along, and defends her decisions by insisting that it is helping “us” and “we” are benefitting from it. She’s very embarrassed whenever Wednesday causes a public scene of some kind that results in the school looking bad, or sabotages how the locals feel about them. ESFJs are very community-oriented, and want to bring people to common ground, by identifying what’s the same about them rather than what is different, which is why Larissa encourages her students to associate with the non-freaks in town, to take part in community efforts and days, and feels quite upset when the melting of the statue results in “undoing” all her good work. She is very nice to people’s faces, even though behind the scenes she hates them, such as when she passive-aggressively rips Morticia’s page out of her school yearbook, but then is polite and sugary when they meet in her office. Larissa cares very much about her own emotional experiences; she was jealous of Morticia during their years at school, in which Larissa beat her at everything, and stole Gomez’ attentions away from her, and she holds onto this grudge, as if it happened yesterday and not decades ago. She maintains all the school traditions, and is also concerned with the “centuries” of hatred between the townspeople and the Nevermore school. She’s upset when the students accidentally damage school treasures like the missing journals of their founder, because to her, they represent a piece of the school’s long and important history; you can’t tell where you’re going and how much you’ve grown without remembering where you were. But her intuition is rather poor; she fails to see the consequences of concealing what she knows about the Hyde leading to more murders until it’s too late, also a problem of not questioning her own motives or where they may lead.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Wednesday accuses Principle Weems of caring only about protecting the school’s reputation, and not looking after its students, which offends Larissa, because she sees them as connected. She has rather skillfully managed to improve relations between the town “normies” and the “freaks” in her school, in attempts to link them together and make everyone on both sides look good. She’s very good at image-management, but this also means covering up a murder by taking on their form to stop tongues from wagging, and concealing all the information she knows about Hydes. 3s tend to cut corners, don’t mind “cheating” to get results, and don’t see a problem with it, because it achieves their intended aim—but the other side of the coin is that Larissa really does care about her students as much as she cares about their reputation. She doesn’t see that her concealment of the truth is going to be a problem, since she sees it as helpful in terms of erasing centuries of conflict between the outsiders and her students.

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