Joan solves an “impossible” word puzzle in less than six minutes. She is Alan’s “brainstorming partner” on cracking enigma. It doesn’t take her any time at all not only to catch on to his crazy broad associations but also to see immediately the bigger picture, most noticeably displayed in the scene where she discerns the impending attack on the passenger convoy and then concludes that it must be sacrificed for the greater good / bigger implications (Ti involved). She “has a feeling” that Alan is a homosexual but cannot see through his intentional attempts to chase her away for her protection, instead chalking it up to his selfish arrogance.Most of her decisions are motivated through logic, from their planned marriage and her intention to marry him despite his sexual preferences (“We’ll have one another’s minds, which is more than most people have.”) to arguing with pure logic in spite of highly emotional circumstances (whether or not to sacrifice five hundred lives for the “greater good”). Joan is quick to come to rational conclusions and is full of helpful advice in her limited capacity working among the “girls” of Hut 8. She is warm, affirming, and charming, and nearly sacrifices her chance to work at Bletchley because her parents do not think it would be an appropriate setting for her, to be a lone female amid a sea of men. Joan quickly wins over all of Alan’s coworkers, and reminds him that as a “woman in a man’s profession, I do not have the luxury of rudeness”; she tells him that if he is not liked, he will not get help, and his project may suffer because of it (logic, to support encouraging him to open up his emotions). In his darkest hour, Joan has no problem complimenting him, and affirming him … and in his more arrogant moments, calling him out on being a jerk. Joan also admits that she cares too much about how other people see her. It takes her awhile to break away from traditional views, most of which are tied to her attachment to her parents; she expects that when she quits, she’ll go home and live with them – showing a tendency to “go back to normality” when she feels she can’t fight against their more conservative views anymore; eventually, she learns to let go… but never entirely leaves Alan behind.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Joan is a sharp contrast to Alan in that she is from the attachment center – she doesn’t want to alienate her family and she makes friends with her colleagues. She teaches Alan how to be more “human” and “nice” so that he can get people to work with him (which will speed up his process and help him fix his computer). But Joan also cares way too much what others think of her and tries to keep them happy, which indicates 6 out of the three attachment numbers. She’s too self-motivated and argumentative for 9, but doesn’t want to lose her parents’ respect and approval, either. Mostly, though, where her 6 really shows up is in how she takes a different stance from the withdrawn Alan in terms of telling him he should consult with his colleagues—6s naturally think of other people as resources to help them solve problems and get through life. This doesn’t occur to Alan as a withdrawn number, but it’s what Joan does automatically—she makes friends with people so they like her and are there for her when she needs them, the patter of a 6. But her 6ness is also too dependent on winning over her parents’ approval, since it almost makes her quit Bletchley before she’s even started—they don’t “approve” of her working in a hut full of men, and Alan has to convince them it’s a nice job among a bunch of women instead for them to give her permission. When they demand she come home because she’s not married, Joan agrees and has to again be rescued with a proposal of marriage from Alan. But she also trusts her own logic enough to problem-solve, and later grows toward 3 as she says she’s going to do what she wants and what gives her pleasure, and not care as much about what others think.

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