Jareth is much more of an enigma than Sarah, but it’s painfully obvious he’s bored out of his mind being around the goblins and in search of entertainment. Which he finds by tormenting Sarah and enjoying thwarting her at every turn, as he thinks up ways to delay, stall, and prevent her from reaching the castle. He thinks on his feet a great deal in this process, changing his mind and sending her in new directions, being capricious and inconsistent. He seems to hate her and want to keep her brother, then he professes love for her when she has almost found Tobey, and the audience is never clear whether he means it or if this is yet another layer of deceit to trick her into relinquishing her goal. Either way, he’s a giant troll who is toying with her for his own amusement, and using what he knows of her psychology to build his traps. He tries to distract her with a piece of fruit and a masked ball, playing in to her desire to be important and glamorous; he sends her to the trash heap and surrounds her with mounds of her childhood items as a distraction (until she realizes it’s all “junk” compared to her brother); he creates a maze just like the one in the abstract piece of art hanging beside her bed; he even dresses similarly to an iconic rock star doll standing on her desk. Plucking details out of her life for inspiration suggests him using Ne and Si. There’s no reason for him to do any of this, and yet it makes sense to him to do it. He shows low Fe in that he charms her, threatens Hoggle, manipulates her emotions, even tries to convince her to love him using romantic appeals, all while keeping his intentions obscured. Is he telling the truth or is he trying to keep the child for his legions of goblins? None can tell.

Enneagram: 3w4 sx/so

Jareth admits in the climax of the film that he has “worn himself out” being everything Sarah expected from him. She expected him to be frightening, so he intimidated her; she wanted a challenge, so he sent her through the labyrinth; all he wants is for her to “fear me, love me, do as I say, and I will be your slave.” This means that his heart leads his actions, but that he is deceitful to himself and to Sarah, shape-shifting into whatever he thinks will appeal to her the most. But he also shows clear assertive triad tendencies—he steals her brother (because she wants him to) and then gives her thirteen hours to get him back, but thwarts her at every turn for his own amusement and to keep it interesting. Yet he shows up at one point to ask, coyly, what she thinks of his labyrinth, because he’s in search of praise and awe. When she shrug and says it’s not that hard, he gets offended and brings in the “cleaners” to scare her and Hoggle, showing a reactive tendency. She rejects his “art” and so he gets back at her in a childish manner, showing 4 wing drama.

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