Selina is an opportunistic cat burglar who works in a dangerous part of town, and who spends a lot of her time servicing in a nightclub. She is somewhat stereotypical in that she is quick thinking, fast to react on her feet, trusts her body in a fight, and doesn’t shy away from risks or inserting herself into dangerous situations. She goes undercover in the nightclub to help Batman find out what happened to the mayor’s girlfriend (her friend) after she is kidnapped, but then abandons the bigger point of her undercover work to go after and confront someone who might know about her friend. Selina doesn’t have a capacity to delay gratification or keep her eye on the bigger picture, which makes her reactive in the moment; she wants to kill her father (and tries to shoot him) immediately after she finds out he killed her friend. Her actions and her emotions are connected to each other. She doesn’t show much in the way of middle functions, but does easily manipulate people on an emotional level. She pretends to be attracted to someone and comes on to him to coax information out of him, she pretends to get along with her father, and she spills the truth about his identity and her connection to him under stress from Batman, to explain her reactions, which indicates low Fe. She also has no real strong sense of individual values (no Fi).

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

Selina doesn’t want to get involved in other people’s problems, but is highly aggressive in protecting the people she cares about, going after their murderers, and using revenge as a tool to get what she wants. She pushes back against Batman when he tries to convince her not to kill her father for the murder of one of her friends. Blinded by her desire for revenge, she is willing to risk the future of Gotham by putting a bullet in someone who could tell them what they need to know about the Riddler’s plans. She sees herself as needing to defend others (“I have a thing about strays”) but has no sense of greater responsibility to Gotham—she leaves the city when it becomes too dangerous for her to remain there. Her 7 wing brings in double-assertiveness, and a tendency to run when things get too hard; unlike Batman’s super-ego, she doesn’t want to stick around, doesn’t see it as her responsibility to take care of Gotham, and just wants to go find a better life outside the rubble.

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