Nefertiti is a highly sensual woman who doesn’t understand why Moses does not take her—she loves him, he loves her, they want each other, why must they wait and obey arbitrary rules like her being ‘saved’ for the future Pharaoh? She doesn’t hesitate to visit him in the mud pits and invite him back to her room, where she complains about him stinking and being disgusting to touch; many years later, when he returns to liberate the Hebrews, she immediately summons him to her quarters again and throws herself at him, assuming they can now be together. She rushes off to the slave quarters to save his wife and child, when she finds out Pharaoh intends to murder all the Hebrew children… but it’s coming from a Fi place of love of Moses, not concern for the general welfare of the slaves. Neither can she understand why Moses cares so much about them that he would forsake her, and leave her to wind up wedded and bedded to Rameses (“think of me!” she begs him; “think of us!”). She also has strong logic, that goes with her Fi-ish tendency to make things right or wrong by how she feels about them – rather than let an old woman betray Moses, she throws her to her death, then refuses to listen to anyone talk about her. She becomes vindictive against Moses when he refuses her, and tells her husband about how she has been slighted; she mocks Rameses as ‘weak’ knowing it will force him to move against Moses (she thinks that if she keeps him there longer, she can still seduce him). After her son’s death, she tells her husband to go after Moses and slaughter him, because he has betrayed her trust. She has no real intuition; her predictions always turn out wrong (Moses does not become the Pharaoh, and her son is not spared for ‘Moses’ love for me’); she also cannot see or understand that Moses is no longer in love with her, even though there is no one else for her in her mind.

Enneagram: 3w2 sx/so

Nefertiti oozes sexual charm, confidence, and sway; she sees herself as the most desirable, most interesting, most powerful woman in Egypt, and she enjoys using her seductiveness to appeal to Moses, while attempting to rebuff Rameses. At one point, she passionately kisses the latter, then tells him that was not to show him what he can have, but what he “will not have,” because she intends to give herself to Moses. She is extremely skilled at saying whatever she needs to say to make people like her, or do what she wants, including flattering Pharaoh and spilling “honey” into his ear, as she nudges him in the direction of favoring Moses over Rameses. But she also does not like to be crossed or rebuffed; she will work against people whom she dislikes, throwing one woman off a balcony to keep her secret about Moses, going to his home to confront his wife (but also save his son), and becoming vindictive against Moses after God kills her firstborn. She even thwarts her own death with Rameses by taunting him to show him Moses’ blood before he kills her; when he cannot, she has won her freedom. Her 2 wing is charming and generous, but she directs all her helpfulness and seductiveness toward Moses—trying to maneuver him into the powerful position she wants them both to be in.

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