ISFPs embody the belief that you should do whatever you feel, whenever you feel like it, and that encompasses Tony’s mantra of life in a nutshell. When Margaret meets him, she’s drawn to him because unlike everyone else, he says whatever he thinks—even if others would consider it offensive. He wants her to be raw and real, he doesn’t show her any deference, and he makes her wait for things, while pushing her outside her comfort zone. Part of this is his strong sexual instinct, but it’s also coming from his ISFP tendency to state things as they are and to prioritize and express his own feelings. He can be quite rude toward people, remarking about their appearances, their talents, and yet shying away from expressing his direct feelings except through physical touch and sexual contact. He doesn’t like to be pushed into things he doesn’t want to do, but is also very emotional; he’s the one royal family member who goes to Alberfan to see the devastation caused by the mudslide and calls home in tears to ask his wife to kiss their children, since he’s just seen devastated parents unable to do so ever again. ISFPs live primarily through their senses, and he shows this in his penchant for photography, his love of motorcycles, and his hedonistic lifestyle—he engages in threesomes, casual hook-ups, and one night stands. The Queen fears his reputation for promiscuity is so scandalous, he will drag them through the mud and advises her ESFP sister not to marry him, but in a spectacular show of her own Fi, Margaret refuses and insists on it (“this time you are not going to stop me!”). She and Tony have a tempestuous marriage where their similar mindsets also clash when it comes to their behaviors; he is much more discreet with his sexual affairs, taking his mistresses away to their smaller home, whereas Margaret has to be surrounded by people at all times. Tony shows his lower thinking function at times through how blunt he can be at pointing out her flaws, and how he doesn’t really care what anyone else thinks about him, but he’s also sensitive to things that affect him personally. He also be a little hypocritical; conducting an affair and yet being upset that his wife is sleeping with someone else.

Enneagram: 3w4 sp/sx

Tony has a lot of conflicting traits that come from his tendency to push against people as an IFP (you can’t tell me what to do), and yet his 3ish desire to adapt to them and win over his mother’s approval. The episode centered on his engagement to Margaret shows just how dependent he is on his mother for support – he gleefully tells her that he turned down the princess’ marriage proposal (as an ISFP, he doesn’t care about doing things in “the usual way” and wants to be free of all of that, in a highly traditional time that frowns on his lifestyle), but then when his mother tells him he’s been an absolute fool, shortly thereafter he proposes to Margaret – bending to a more traditional lifestyle, out of a desire to please his mother and, to some extent, social climb. He’s bold and confident, sure of himself and even arrogant at times. And yet, he comes across as very 4ish as well. Pretentious and arrogant, he thinks his taste is better than everyone else and that everyone else is basic and commonplace. He would rather die than be like any of them, so he goes out of his way to make sure he’s unique through his controversial photographs; he does not understand Margaret’s need to do nice things for people and earn love, because he scorns those things. They also clash on a subtyle level. Tony doesn’t care what other people think; he’s mostly about being sexually provocative and following his whims. The sexual instinct makes every type centered on developing unique hooks that attract or repulse people, and his is 3w4ish in its need to be seen as the best, but also clearly state his opinions so that ‘boring’ people want nothing to do with him. This devolves into conflict and violent arguments as their marriage gets ‘stale’ in order to keep the fire between them. As a social blind, he can’t comprehend his wife’s need for social acceptance and often rolls his eye at it, which makes her not feel valued and understood.

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