Akasha is the villain for a reason—she lacks any kind of concern for humanity, in favor of planning a world that surrenders to her will. She sees vampires as disorganized and ineffectual, weak and in need of her strong leadership. She tells Lestat all of her plans and lays them out very carefully, without any concern for the human element—she sees them as pieces on her chess board, willing slaves to do her will, and it’s her lack of understanding of emotions that gets her killed in the end (her inferior Fi). She tells Lestat to kill a woman that has attracted him out of jealousy, relying too much on her need for him to prove that he will obey her at every turn—and instead, he turns against her and helps the others drain her until she dies in anguish. Akasha is very non-traditional; she has slept for a long time and immediately kills her husband upon her awakening, since she wants to replace him with Lestat and envisions a very specific future with him, in which they rule together. She has no other outcome in mind, and no ability to change her perspective. She sees his intuitive potential and chooses him, out of all other vampires, in the hopes of shaping him into what she wants him to be. Akasha is coolly confident in her environment, but also somewhat unable to react quickly. She deals with vampire attacks by burning them up, but is overpowered and murdered. Her high Se comes in how reckless and sensual she can be, taking great pleasure in making Lestat her lover, but also allowing him to drink from her—oblivious to the fact that he could kill her (she assumes she has him so much under her thrall, he won’t).

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/sp

Akasha is a clear assertive type—she marches into an underground den of vampires, announces her presence, and then winds up slaughtering most of them when they dare to try and stop her. She wants to rule the human population by killing off most of the men and converting the women into a worship cult centered around her, with no regard for the feelings of the mortals she intends to enslave. Akasha just assumes that others need to be ruled; she sees them as weak and ineffectual, and values “strength” in Lestat due to his decisive nature. She kills her sleeping husband, because he wasn’t strong enough in her mind, and immediately replaces him with another man. She’s highly sexual and attached to Lestat, enslaving him to her will through their romantic interlude, and is shocked when he betrays her and drinks her blood. Her 7 wing enables her to have no doubts that what she is doing is for the best, and no shame about her desires—she is hedonistic and pursues what attracts her, without any inhibitions. She also takes great pleasure in dancing once she awakens from her thousand-year slumber.

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