Nawi is incredibly physical and opportunistic, which makes her a natural fighter. She learns quickly and gets impatient with boring tasks such as learning to tie ropes (she wants a weapon instead). She becomes extremely skilled with various weapons and is lethal in battle, fearless as she charges into rapidly-changing situations and manages to stay alive. She comes up with a prank that involves gunpowder, which so impresses Nanisca, she later uses it as a battle technique. Nawi helps Izogie to escape when they are both captured, then later rescues Nanisca from being shot, and takes on and kills three guards in close combat. She sneaks out of the palace to meet a young man, even though she knows it’s against the rules and could get her thrown out. Nawi also shows a lot of fierce Fi – when her parents try to marry her off to an old man, she defies him and gets slapped—so she shoves him to the ground. She back-talks to those trying to teach her things, and is insistent on being true to her own feelings. Her desire to be the best makes her work hard, but she often makes emotional decisions, such as sneaking out of the camp to meet someone she is attracted to, revealing that she snuck out to relay information to her general, going after soldiers who attack her friends, etc. When she finds out she is a rape baby, she runs away and finds a corner to weep in, alone, as she tries to process it without talking to anyone about it. It’s hard for her to be obedient without being defiant, and she doesn’t do things other people tell her to do without a good reason. Nawi can be tactical and put her feelings aside to get things done, including forcing Izogie out of her depressive slump, fixing her broken arm, and coming up with a plan to escape the slavers. She shows no real intuition, other than her singular goal of being a warrior.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

When another girl within the camp asks Nawi what she wants, she says “to be the best.” At one point, she says she wants Nanisca to “notice me” and to be exactly like her once she finishes her training. Nanisca scolds her once for being “reckless” and “prideful” and assuming the rules do not apply to her. It’s true, Nawi doesn’t see why she can’t have what she wants, she works hard to excel at being a warrior, and she is assertive in how she puts herself forward—to the extent that she does so well on her final test, she draws the attention of the king and receives the honor of a blade. (And she accomplishes this by throwing herself from a six foot drop and almost breaking her leg in the process — but she was determined to win!) She’s aggressive in making decisions and doesn’t let anything stand in her way, including reminding Izogie when they are captured that they will NOT die, but break out of their chains and escape. She has a sweet, nurturing side as well that wants to connect to her mother and her friends within the palace walls. She easily forms a semi-romantic connection with a young man who shares his thoughts with her and finds it hard to live with the idea of being single and chaste forever.

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