If Lucy is the heart of Lockwood and Co, and Anthony is its founder, then George is its brains! He is a brilliant inventor who spends most of his time tweaking and learning about things, who came up with ghost-proofing traps, gadgets, and such, and who prefers to be in his lab coming up with ideas rather than in the field where it gets dangerous. He’s analytical and detached, but also curious about knowing more of ghosts. He brings dangerous objects into the house to study them, and is so invested in the intellectual side of things, he nerds out over old scrolls and books, objects possessing energies, and the histories of people, places, and things. George is naïve and tends to take people at their word; because a scholar works with him, he trusts that her intentions are pure and only questions them when they arrive at their destination and things start to get “weird.” He’s very detailed and meticulous, full of all kinds of knowledge related to his subjects of interest, and has muted emotions. George can get jealous, but rarely shows it. He is, however, aware of how much Anthony likes Lucy, in a romantic sense. He easily bonds with a river rat when on her boat, and talks about the things that interest them both. Her encouragement for him to toss the mirror in the river and come away with her is seriously considered and almost accepted, because ultimately, George wants to find a place where he belongs.

Enneagram: 5w6

George is a brilliant nerd who loves to study things in depth, and who isn’t particularly careful or concerned about the safety involved in doing so. He sees things through a detached academic lens, so he is tolerant of questionable methods that are forbidden by the police, such as keeping a high level ghost inside a jar within the house so that he can study it. 5s are highly imaginative and inquisitive, but also tend to think their quest for information and understanding is more important than the rules. Because of his fascination with magical objects, he gets sucked into a plan to use the ghost mirror and is shocked to find out the woman he trusted intends to kill him for “scientific understanding.” She wants him to look into the mirror and tell her what she sees, which would result in him becoming ghost-locked or destroyed. Even though she intends this for him, he doesn’t really take it personally! He will opt out of missions to stay home and read his books, or to work on his inventions, but also has a sense of community, wants to belong, and feels jealous when Anthony shows Lucy a lot of attention because it’s encroaching on his close friendship with Anthony. He can at times also become emotionally reactive, per his 6 wing. He gets worried about his friends and doesn’t want to leave them behind.

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