Nanisca is a skilled tactician and warrior who has risen to her position through making rational decisions in the heat of battle. She does not trust what seems nonsensical, including Amenza’s attempts to “read” her future in her nuts. She trains the girls in specific ways, so they learn power and to move as a unit, but is hard on them when they break the rules or think “themselves above others.” Unlike the ENFJ king, she does not bow to public opinion, but attempts to sway it in the direction of the future she sees for their country. She urges him to embrace a different future, one in which they do not sell one another, and says that all Africans are “our brothers” even if they do not come from the same tribe. Because her kind cannot marry or bear children, she gave up her daughter for adoption, the result of a rape – but it takes many years for her to process this, and it breaks her down into tears when she tells Nawi that she is not to blame for her pain; she is one of them. Pushing away from feelings is typical in an ETJ who isn’t allowed to make room for those tender emotions, and it spills out of her in unusual moments, as she becomes overwhelmed by unexpected emotions. She is a visionary, but also impulsive in the heat of the moment. Nanisca attacks a rival general (the man who raped her) even though they had a meticulous plan, and almost gets herself killed. She sees the usefulness in Nawi’s prank with the gunpowder and asks her how she did it, then later incorporates it into an attack on an enemy camp. She risks her life and her future as the woman king to stage a rescue operation for Nawi, and assumes she must do it alone.

Enneagram: 1w9 so/sp

Nanisca reacts from the gut when she makes her decisions, including trying to take on the rival general even though the plan was for them to defy the other army and scatter. She is angry at him and wants him to pay for raping her as a young warrior. When Nawi helps her to escape, she gets angry at Nawi for not following the rules, even though she herself broke them. But she also respects Nawi for not cowering and simpering; she tells her to keep her head up, even when she is being scolded, because she wants her to take pride in being a warrior. Nanisca also tries to do what is right, even when others do not support it; rather than bully the king or moralize at him, when he tells her to abandon her warriors and daughter, Nanisca leaves the palace on her own, knowing she will be banished or punished, to rescue them, and the deep loyalty of her female warriors ensures they come along with her. She urges him to give up the slave trade, even though it earns them a lot of money, by pointing out how immoral it is and trying to find an alternative source of revenue. She urges her warriors to become hardened and learn to “stop their tears,” because when you mourn, you are weak, but she has trouble doing this herself, because she sees certain things as wrong and has to correct them. She’s also quite withdrawn (9 wing), spending a lot of time alone, not sharing her plans with others, and staying calm even in extreme situations.

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