Anthony is one of the youngest start-up owners ever to create a ghost-busting business out of his deceased parents’ London house, but the instant he meets Lucy, he sees her potential and hires her on the spot even though her track record isn’t great. He is forever thinking about how to strategize and monetize their business, he takes out loans, he makes bets guaranteed to either get them publicity or sink them financially. Most of his attention goes to the jobs they are doing, how much they are going to get paid, and whether he can hold things together, with the result that Lucy at one point tells him he’s an obnoxious ass. Anthony shows Ni in his creation of his business, his total trust in his hunches and insights into other people, and how readily he sees potential in his friends—two people who were passed over by everyone else, but whom he thinks are important. He especially senses that Lucy is significant, and it proves true when she reveals that she can hear and communicate with “level three” ghosts. He can become so fixated on what he wants, such as his determination in the last episode to get the ghost mirror, that he sacrifices other people’s safety and won’t be deterred, even when it could get them both killed This leads to a man being killed who is working undercover, and causes him to have a meltdown – before then, he never thought about the emotional consequences of his actions, or how traumatic it could be to be responsible for another person’s death. In this rare moment of low Fi, he gets emotional and can’t even move from his spot. Elsewhere, he shows similar low Fi attempts to bond with his friends, to be supportive and warm, but he’s always preoccupied with what he wants to accomplish. He’s also very reckless with his sensing function—rushing into situations, trying to handle things beyond his powers, improvising on the spot, and almost being defeated by ghosts in the cemetery.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Anthony wants to succeed more than anything and to prove his worth as a good businessman. He also cares enormously about appearances and is often harping on that point – about how the newspapers talked about them, what people will say about them now, how this will help or hinder their credibility, how they need to be professional, etc. But outside that ambitious, hard-working center, he can be emotional, driven by his heart, and compassionate toward his friends. Anthony often has to apologize to them for being blunt or preoccupied, but also makes time for them and tries to help them solve their problems, figure out clues, and offers them a “home” with his band of misfits. When he thinks Lucy might leave them to work with another group, he becomes very upset and insecure, but is soon calmed down when she reassures him that they are all “family.” He utilizes his 2 wing in his pride, his tolerance for his friends, and how he wants to take care of them all, in sort of a parental role.

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