Kapoor showcases the best of strong Si within the show—he often asks the patients to be exact with describing their symptoms, because the more precise they are, the faster he can immediately peg their diagnosis. And he has an incredible mind for facts, details, and logic centered on illnesses. He hears that a patient has these three symptoms, connects them to his vast wealth of experience and his book learning, and immediately knows what their diagnosis should be. Often, other doctors will come to him for help when they are stumped, he will ask a few important and probing questions to narrow things down, and then tell them what’s going on with their patient. ISTJs have a really good capacity for memorizing and retaining information related to their field. The downside of this is that Kapoor can get stuck in a rut – when he opens his home to his son’s pregnant girlfriend, she finds out he has changed nothing about it since before his wife died, including leaving all of their son’s possessions scattered around his room, and he wants “nothing touched.” (Her desire to leave, because it doesn’t feel like home, prompts him to clean out the rooms and encourage her to make a “fresh start,” but without her, he would never have done so.) He still misses his wife and holds onto her memories and images, talking about her at times and feeling uneasy when other women hit on him. Kapoor is very logical and exact, but also very compassionate – it’s just that his communication skills are not the best, so sometimes he winds up making a hash of things. He tries to caution a girl against getting involved with his son and leads her to believe she doesn’t think she is attractive enough for his son to be interested, rather than getting her to understand that his son cannot be trusted to be reliable. So, his bluntness often leaves people upset, and Kapoor frustrated because he has now alienated someone he cares about. Part of this comes from his inferior intuition—he will leap to the wrong conclusion based on his own limited perspective, assume it’s the right one, and present it as a fact, when in truth, he is wildly off in his assumptions.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Kapoor is very concerned with doing things “right.” He has a somewhat bad relationship with his son, because of his son’s flakiness and refusal to take responsibility for his decisions, such as when his son impregnates a girl at the hospital and then leaves the country when he finds out! Kapoor takes her into his home and looks after her, sometimes too much (his generous over-care includes full breakfasts and fine meals, and micro-managing her life… oops!). He can be stubborn and resistant to new methods of doing things, and at one point, refuses to take only ten minutes with a patient, but instead, sits there and listens to all of her complaints for several hours, because she “needed to vent.” He can be somewhat of a perfectionist and critical, but is always apologetic when his criticisms are seen as too harsh or taken amiss and tries to make up for it in some way. Though fussy about the right way to do things, Kapoor is also warm, generous, and widely liked by the residents and patients. He shows 2ish invasiveness in the second season, as he tries to micromanage other people, becomes nosy under the guise of “taking care of them,” etc., but he realizes this is unwanted and inappropriate and dials it back to a respectful distance.

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