Lucy is a very kind and sensitive girl, but doesn’t share her feelings with others easily. Even after she comes to Lockwood and Co, she never reveals that her best friend has been ghost-locked, and doesn’t talk much about her past. She recognizes the risks involved in what they are doing and processes people’s deaths in her own mind, but also builds a silent bond with Anthony. They sense that they love each other, but rarely talk about it. On several occasions, she gets so mad at him that she gives him the silent treatment. She has a natural knack for ghost-hunting and is fearless in how she charges into situations and figures out what to do to suit the situation. She will use chains, find trap doors, rip wallpaper off walls to expose the boards underneath, and at times, is too trusting of her environment. She starts talking to the ghost contained in the jar and allows him to deceive and mislead her into almost freeing his previous master from the spells that bind him to the basement. Afterward, she recognizes that he’s untrustworthy and cautions others against them. Lucy feels something is attached to an object she removes from a haunted house, but doesn’t realize it will bring the ghost with it. She has a low “instinct” about people, objects, and places that shows off her tert-Ni tendency to have hunches without specific insights. Under stress, she becomes bossy and critical. She goes along with Anthony on his mission, but is angry about it later and refuses to discuss it, while telling him to keep it together and how he can’t think about the person they got killed while undercover.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Even though Lucy is very talented in her levels of ghost discernment, she isn’t self-trusting at all and doesn’t really understand why others would have her back. She’s very cautious and always wants to work together as a team. Often, she worries about things not being “safe” and doesn’t want to take any kind of risks in dealing with the ghosts. This stems from her lack of self-trust and her need to hold onto others in order to feel secure. Lucy doesn’t want to make mistakes that could get her friends hurt, but also has a push-pull relationship with authority; she at first relied on her trainer to save them, but when she saw him as a coward who let her friends get ghost-locked, she wanted no more to do with him. Several times she’s willing to sacrifice her safety for her friends, so that none of them are put at risk. Examples of her wanting to give up for security involve wanting to leave during their final mission of the season and escape, but going along with Anthony when he insists on carrying out their plan. She is bright, cheerful, good-natured, and proactive in pursuing ghosts, but also naively wants to believe the best in people and hopes that she can understand them better, per her 7 wing.

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