Isla feels torn between her traditionalism and her complicated feelings based on her past fling with Rick. She thought her husband was dead, felt lonely, and started seeing Rick in Paris, but then found out her husband survived the concentration camp and survived—so rather than tell Rick the truth, she abandoned him and never expected to meet him again. But the instant she sees him, all the old feelings return. She relives them, wants to make up for their misunderstanding and explain why she left him, and even wants to hear the same old songs that used to bring her comfort. In a sense, because she’s unsure of the present and the future, she tries to escape into the past and pick up where they left off. Isla is warm and loving, generous with her affections and persuasive, but makes decisions based more on what others need and want than how she feels. She doesn’t want to hurt Victor, but also wants to run away with Rick. Yet, she left Rick because Victor needed her –and when Rick refuses to help her run away from Victor, she stays with Victor again, because he needs her. Fe often gives away its autonomy because it feels responsible for others’ feelings and how they are going to react changes how the IFJ deals with them. Isla is very uncomfortable with bad blood between herself and Rick, and tries to explain the thinking behind her actions, hoping if he understands, he will forgive her. Low Ti often feels like it needs to explain and vindicate its decisions in that way. She is dreamy and romantic, but shows no real intuitive thinking—mostly, she cares about the past and in finding a sense of security with the man who loves her.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Isla at a pivotal point in the film says she doesn’t know what’s right anymore, and so she abdicates all responsibility for her future with Rick to him, trusting him to do what’s right for both of them. In a sense, this is typical of a 9 torn between two people and not wanting to hurt either one. She knows what her heart wants, but she also wants to avoid the pain of separation and conflict by leaving him, so she intends for Rick to do the “leaving” for her – by arranging for them to escape from her husband and abandon him, thus negating her responsibility to him rather than facing him. Instead, to her shock, Rick arranges for her and her husband to both leave together, and convinces her to stay with him, for the greater good of the Cause against the Nazis. Isla goes along with this, because she passively accepts her fate—just as she did before when she left Rick to rush back to her husband. She also tends to merge into and get lost into the men she loves, making her entire existence about them and their needs. But she has a 1 wing nagging at her to do the right thing, to be moral and good, and not mistreat others. Isla tries to make up with Rick by appealing to his better nature, but then gets sucked up into her feelings for him (they never went away), showing her ability to merge into his feelings and become part of him again.

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