Wylan is a highly analytical boy with a natural gift for figuring out how to invent new things – explosives, mainly, because his logical mind stores up information on what various things are “made of,” which enables him to find shortcuts, substitutes, and additions, to change their chemical balance to support whatever he wants to do. He’s also quick to think rationally in bad situations, such as when he finds out his friends have been poisoned by the same flowers growing outside the greenhouse, he reasons that the beautiful butterflies are able to eat them without dying, so they may possess the anecdote. Kaz brings him into the fold because he knows all about explosives and how to make them. Wylan also shows logic in his reasoning for leaving Jesper after their one night stand, because he assumed given Jesper’s reputation for sleeping around and moving on, that he was also going to leave Wylan, so Wylan beat him to it. He misread the emotions of the situation, and is also somewhat emotionally clueless about other people and their feelings, but super passionate about his own interests. He’s also able to remember facts, details, and long passages of books he has read. Wylan uses a combination of broad picture thinking to solve problems, and reliance on what has worked for him in the past (Ne and Si working together). He’s an inventor and somewhat eccentric, nerds out over a few things that hold his fascination, is quick to catch on to whatever the plan is, but not always good at improvising. He loses all sense of what’s happening around him, and is oblivious to the fact that his friends are dying only a few feet away until one of them manages to shout for him.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Wylan is a precious cinnamon roll who must be protected, because he’s so sweet, unassuming, and gentle. He avoids upsetting anyone, and doesn’t want to meet them in the eye if he senses their disapproval. It disturbs him to think of confronting a situation head on, without a plan, and he rather sweetly and deferentially treats those around him kindness. The irony is, he loves to build bombs and make things explode, and isn’t above violence, but he also gently coaxes Jesper not to conceal his true nature, to admit to his magical powers (which Wylan figures out, ahead of anyone else). He left Jesper to avoid a scene or an uncomfortable farewell. Under stress, he shows a few 6ish traits, such as wanting to stick together, and being apprehensive about new and dangerous situations. He tends to stick with the group for protection. Wylan rarely seems angry, which implies he suppresses negative emotions, and he’s rather afraid to take up space with other people—as is seen whenever he apologizes for getting exited or talking about something for too long.

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