Ann is a fairly obvious Fi-dom, in that she falls in love with Kong in a quiet, romantic, emotional way that needs no words, only a deep spiritual understanding between them to forge the connection. She also filters what she chooses to do through her own subjective values—even though she is starving and just got laid off, and hasn’t been paid in weeks, just standing outside the burlesque show is enough to tell her that she can’t do this, it’s not her, it would be violating her principles. She also gets up from the table when Carl asks her what size dress she wears, assuming he’s making a vulgar overture and showing that she won’t stand for it. Carl offers her a lot of money to play the lead in his Kong show, and she refuses out of moral indignation and winds up a chorus line girl instead. All of her decisions about Kong come from her deep sense of empathy for him and her love for him, including begging them not to hurt him, shoot him, kill him, or even lure him to the ship. Even though she’s fallen for Jack, she walks away from him for being part of this and refuses to star in the play he wrote for her. Her middle functions are less clear, but she seems to be more of an ISFP overall. Ann wants to be an actress and engages in very physical comedy acts, where she throws herself around the stage. She uses juggling, acrobatics, and dancing to charm Kong, distracting him long enough to try crawling away and escaping into the jungle. She finds it beautiful just to sit and be with him, in the jungle or on the top of the Empire State Building, as she soaks in the atmosphere of the sunrise. And she has no hesitation in climbing up there to be with him, even as airplanes brutally shoot him down. She intuitively knows that he loves her as much as she loves him and that’s why he comes after them all on the island. But she shows no other strong Te besides turning down high-paying jobs she cannot morally agree with for herself.

Enneagram: 2w3 sp/sx

Ann doesn’t have a lot in the way of motivations, so I had to start with the triad groupings instead – some have typed her a 4w3, but I don’t see her as a withdrawn type. She’s very attached to her friends at the theater, she eagerly moves toward Jack Driscoll when they meet on board ship, and she is enormously cooperative with everyone, all the time. This suggests either an attachment or a super-ego type. When she meets Carl, she insists upon telling him that she doesn’t normally make a habit of stealing things (implying only a bad person would do that), but she hasn’t been paid in a few weeks. This feels like super-ego, but I don’t see being good as her dominant motivation. Instead, she feels 6ish in how she seeks out rescuers (Carl, Jack, and then Kong), but also 2ish in that most of her decisions come from the heart. I landed on 2 because she doesn’t seem fear-motivated; she is a risk-taker who knows Kong is going to be killed at the end of the film, and tenderly wants to be with him, risking her life and limb in the process. She tries to flatter Jack when they first meet, but mistakes someone else for him and accidentally insults him—but then they quickly fall in love with no hesitation or second-guessing on her part. She also seems to come at things from a positive stance—looking on the bright side, encouraging her friends in the theater, reassuring them that things will all work out, and inviting them to eat with her (at the charity food line). But she also shows flits of disappointment out of life (“happiness never lasts,” she laments, and of course, it comes true). She manages to win over Kong and make him fall in love with her because she’s willing to do things for him—entertain him, be funny, trip over her own feet, which shows she has a performer’s heart. She’s also seeking to be famous, and is in awe of famous people like Jack, who writes beautiful plays—and she wants to be his star! But she also seems like she could be from the rejection stance, because if things aren’t given to her on her terms, she walks away from them; initially, she breaks up with Jack upon her return to New York because of his role in capturing Kong, and she refuses to be in the same show as Kong even though Carl offers her a “great deal of money.”