Genya is a warm and welcoming woman, who treats everyone fairly, but who also gave up her sense of autonomy by allowing the Darkling to use her as the king’s sexual conquest, while she gathered information. It bothered her so much over time, that she slowly poisoned the king just to keep him away from her – and when the queen challenges her, Genya confronts her with the knowledge that if he wanted to live, all he had to do was stop coming to her bed. She cares a great deal about her position and what others think and feel about her, adapting to their needs and trying to please them. Genya has not a lot in the way of middle functions, but she does not seem intuitive in the sense that the Darkling’s true character only becomes known to her when it’s too late, despite him using her in the past for his own nefarious aims. She goes along with what’s expected of her, and works from within the established hierarchy and government, rather than brings her own vision to the table (unlike the Darkling). She pays attention mostly to appearances, to making others beautiful, to applying makeup and has a knack for fashion. But she leaves most of the fighting to her friends, and seeks protection a lot of the time. Genya can become anxious about the future and fearful of its consequences, avoiding taking risks unless she deems it absolutely necessary. It’s hard from her to detach from her feelings and be objective about those she once cared for, emotionally.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Genya’s lover says at one point that “beauty is your armor,” and that she needs to now stop hiding behind it, after she has lost it. It’s true, Genya focuses entirely on her appearance, and on taking away the flaws from other people through her magical gift. It distresses her when she cannot heal the Darkling’s scars, and then cannot erase her own – because it makes her less desirable, less perfect, and therefore, less overall in her own mind. She struggles mightily to overcome her own hatred of being “ugly,” because she always prided herself on being beautiful, necessary, and important in the lives of other people. She leans heavily into her 2 wing in being welcoming, compassionate, supportive, and ensuring that others have everything they need from her. Part of her sense of pride is in her duty and ability to do what needs done, which makes her a loyal adviser to Alina as time goes by.

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