INTJs are long-term thinkers, sometimes with a deep fascination for the unknown and its broader potential, which is what makes Arvin such a good, albeit ruthless, leader of SD-6. Arvin has a long term vision for SD-6 that includes the accumulation of Rambaldi artifacts and the fulfillment of ancient prophecies. He is something of a skeptic, but also a mystic, believing in the deeper essential truths of Rambaldi’s work, and becoming obsessed with them in time. He has keen instincts and an unnatural ability to sense deception. He is fixated on a single goal and invested in long-term plans. Arvin is good at predicting what others will do, and maneuvering people like pieces on a chessboard. He is totally rational in his work, and oriented toward achievable success – the theft of artifacts, the acquisition of technology, and the defeat of foreign operatives. He successfully launched SD-6 and runs it effectively, keeping all his agents in line, coming up with extensive plans of action, and is unafraid to do what he must to ensure their continued success and survival (which includes eliminating all liabilities and enforcing the rules of the organization). He can objectively assess a situation and point out the most rational and quickest method of solving it (“you’ll never get me free in time; Jack, cut off my finger”). His morals are complex and nuanced; he doesn’t mind killing people he has no emotional ties to, in order to keep their secret safe, but he balks when it comes to ending the lives of those he loves most – which includes his wife, and Sydney. He is more emotional than he lets on and his personal feelings sometimes influence his decisions in the office. Arvin can remain totally emotionally unavailable in a high pressure situation, refusing to give his torturer what he wants or to even admit to any pain. He buries it deep inside, and retaliates with cutting insights instead. He is fond of accumulating wealth, and owns an enormous house full of artifacts and expensive items. Arvin can also be opportunistic, though it does not come naturally to him; he is objective in his memories and in relaying information. He sometimes takes tremendous risks to get what he wants.

Enneagram: 5w6 sp/so

Enneagram 5s are often drawn to unusual obsessions, which is why Arvin is so obsessed with Rambaldi’s artifacts and their potential deeper meaning for his life. Outside of that, he shows the logical detachment of a 5 in his objectivity when it comes to everything but the people he loves. He can be ruthless in getting rid of people, out of a fear of betrayal from them—he has them target Jack, when he thinks Jack might be a double-agent, he has men killed who might expose his secrets, he pretends to kill his wife so that he can then expose his enemies and kill them off, so they can escape and live “a normal life.” He is deeply secretive and unemotional, choosing to hide things even from his closest friends; his wife doesn’t know him nearly as well as she thinks, and he makes sure to keep everyone at a distance, so no one can get too close to his secrets. He also trusts his own thinking, except when the situation is dire, and then solicits advice from people who have proven themselves reliable and trustworthy (like Jack). His 6 wing shows in his periodic bouts of uncertainty about the motivations of those around him, and his general distrust and skepticism, but also in his deep loyalty to his wife and desire to protect those he loves. Even after she betrays him to the CIA, he begs her to come with him and escape back into hiding and is devastated by her death.

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