Margot doesn’t have much personality outside her excess of logic, summed up best in her assessment of the restaurant experience. She’s incredulous at the thought that Tyler is worried about the chef being mad at him, because “it doesn’t matter whether he likes you or not. He’s here to serve people food at a restaurant.” IE, you pay him, so all that matters is what you think of your experience. That’s his job, and when she sees him as doing it poorly with theatrical nonsense, she isn’t impressed. Most of her complaints are also logical –they aren’t serving actual food. She’s intolerant of the “deconstructed” menu and hates his service, because it’s taken the joy out of eating by becoming “an intellectual exercise.” She boldly tells him that he has failed, he bored her, and she’s still hungry at the end of it. As is typical of an ST type, she evaluates things on the surface and has little patience for abstract intellectual exercises. But she also takes her own advice, in that she does whatever she’s being paid to do – if Tyler wants her to quit smoking for the evening, she will do it, since he’s the paying customer. If some John wants her to do creepy stuff like call him “daddy” while they are having sex, she’ll do that too. Margot adapts quickly, figures out what’s going on by testing the boundaries of what she can get away with (trying to leave, sneaking into the bathroom, breaking into the chef’s cottage, killing the woman who assaults her, etc), and shows good tert-Ni in how she manages to escape with her life. She guesses that she can prolong her life by demanding a cheeseburger and shaming the chef for his bad service, based on what she knows about him. Then, once she has satisfied him with a first giant bite, she asks if she can have a to-go box, pays him her $10, and flees the scene, escaping into a boat and driving off, before she sits down to eat her cheeseburger in peace. She shows very low feeling abilities in the sense that she’s oblivious to the emotions of her boyfriend (who seems over-sensitive in her mind), but she also visibly reacts to violence, and thinks her date is a sociopath, staring at him with increased incredulity as the night unfolds and more and more screwed up stuff happens to them. She has an emotional response when he’s humiliated and then killed, even though she doesn’t know him that well (he paid her to come with him). To make money, she has become a private escort, which says she has no trouble selling herself to stay off the street. Margot at first resists the idea of identifying with the “service class,” but then plays the chef rather well.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/sx

The Chef says of Margot, “I can tell you’re not easily rattled,” and it’s true, she just calmly deals with other people, even the dangerous ones. Margot pushes people to get a reaction, and has no problem standing up for herself, sending back her food, or demanding an explanation, but when she figures out the Chef is also dangerous, she is cautious around him and adjusts her approach, since she senses he has all the power in the situation. Initially, she creates a fuss by calling BS on the chef and his stupid menu, and her “date” gets embarrassed by her desire to demand a real meal, not this “deconstructed crap.” Unlike him, she’s not impressed by all the pretentious presentation and lofty ideals, and this works to her advantage later, when she demands the chef make her a real hamburger – not a fussy one, but a real, honest to god cheeseburger. Margot shows a lot of 9 traits as well – even though she insists she’ll smoke if she wants to, when her date demands she stop, she puts out her cigarette. She gets a little rattled when the chef shows up in the bathroom, but still emerges from her stall to confront him and demand he get out of her way. She tries to make nice with his assistant, and then has to fight for her life. Though she attacks Tyler, when she finds out he knew she was going to die tonight and still invited her along, she tends to avoid conflict when it upsets other people too much.

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