(I’ve only seen the first season, so this is based on those episodes; I hear she’s better developed in season four, when she becomes the lead, but I may not watch that many episodes.) Summer seems to be your stereotypical “hot chick” at first. She spends most of her time at parties and dating hot guys, making impulsive decisions, and not doing much with her life other than trying to secure her future through being sexy and desirable and dating the “right” guys. She invites herself along on trips, gets caught up in Marissa’s business, and is quick to figure things out and act on them. She’s obsessed with fashion and appearances, but also shows a bratty Fi tendency to not consider anyone’s feelings (at first) other than her own. She has no interest in Seth, so she doesn’t bother to learn or remember his name until he makes an impression on her, and then she impulsively kisses him, acting on her feelings rather than talking about them. Summer is often blunt and rude, compared to the Fe users – she doesn’t bother to hide it if she dislikes someone, tells people off, and is confrontational when she is worried about their life choices. She tries to bypass her feelings sometimes, by dating the wrong people and refusing to admit how hard it is for her to move past her feelings for Seth. Though her life has no real direction for a long time, eventually she finds her niche in working toward animal rights

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

Summer cares very much about appearances, and tends to judge people based on where they are from – she’s interested in Ryan until she finds out he’s from the “bad side” of town and then immediately loses interest in him. She, for a while, considers pursuing only rich men, in the hopes of snagging one and social climbing her way to the top (influenced by her similarly ambitious mother). She doesn’t care to remember anyone’s name who isn’t “someone,” and fails to acknowledge that Seth exists for a long time, because he hasn’t done anything impressive. Summer is somewhat out of touch with her own feelings, in the sense that she’s so busy scheming her future, setting goals, and trying to be an ideal, that she doesn’t really create space in her heart to admit to how Seth makes her feel. She also has a reactive, snobby 4 wing which looks down on people, considers her own taste to be superior, and at times, can be “hysterical.” She hates “everything” on her trip to Mexico, she complains constantly about the “lame” music, the bad motel room, and doesn’t want to share with Seth.

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