Augusta’s story arc is very much about wanting to live according to her personal feelings, not be controlled by anyone else, and to follow her heart, even when it leads her to run away with Sir Edward, out of the belief that they are in love. She takes off with him in the middle of the night, after scorning his attempts at poetry and contriving to meet him in secret, and never suspects or believes the truth about the rumors of his bad behavior because her own feelings (her love for him) overrides anyone else’s experiences. Her interests are mainly sensory in nature—she likes to play the piano, she loves new clothes, she enjoys going for walks, and tends to read things on a surface level. But she’s also a decent judge of other people’s attractions to each other, and tries to set her uncle up with Charlotte, out of a perceived “need” in them both. She sometimes has “hunches,” such as knowing Charlotte isn’t meant to wind up with anyone but Alexander, and she has a few second “feelings” (instincts) about Edward that she chooses to ignore, once her emotions get involved. She can be cutting under stress, sharp-tongued and insulting toward those who try to control her.

Enneagram: 4w3 sp/so

Augusta doesn’t mince words in expressing her contempt for people, situations, literature, even gowns that don’t live up to her high standards. She shows a lot of frustration and elitism in her points of view, and in her insistence upon following her heart, regardless of how others feel about it. She at first is very disdainful toward Charlotte, and wants nothing to do with her (because a governess is being “forced upon her”), and even tries to get her into trouble, but when Charlotte wins her over, Augusta then takes her into her confidence. She resists others telling her what to do or feel, and insists that they don’t understand her point of view. She has a desire to make her mark on society and be seen, wants to attend balls and impress people, per her 3 wing, but can also tone herself down to be received by some people, if she admires them enough.

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