Jean is much more methodical than Loretta, and refers things back to her own experiences quite often. She has a long history of journalism and so her boss trusts her to guide Loretta through the intricacies of gathering evidence, substantiating claims, and talking to witnesses. This works, because Jean knows how to game the system—she can call in favors from people, because she’s built up a reputation. Others trust and know her, because she’s been around so long. She often thinks about collecting information from concrete data, which surprises Loretta, who tends to think in theories and connections instead. Together, they rush off to look through news reports, paw through police files, etc. She wants a chance to listen to the audio recordings of the person who confessed, but doesn’t speculate as much as Loretta doe about who did it, or why they did it. In her mind, you collect the facts, you make sure to back everything up, and then you go to press with it. Jean doesn’t mind being put on another assignment (her job), provided she can return to this case if anything new pops up, because that’s just how journalism works and she likes to keep busy. She rarely shows her feelings or discusses anything about her personal life, except to provide guidance—her way of dealing with things is straightforward: I get creepy phone calls, I make sure nobody knows my number!

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Where Loretta tends to get anxious about things like people calling her house and breathing into the phone, Jean just handles things “calmly.” She says that she cut that off at the pass when she had her phone number unlisted after she became a reporter. And rather than get scared, Jean tends to get mad. When she finds out Loretta received a threatening note through her front door’s mail slot, she marches into their boss’ office, yells at him, and then comes back to tell Loretta that their photos will no longer be in the paper, so no one can identify them (she doesn’t want their families put at risk). Jean makes friends with everyone and everyone seems to like her; she inserts herself into interviews and asks questions without offending people, and has no trouble going undercover. When Loretta asks her in amazement how she got such a prestigious job and gets to do whatever she wants, Jean says she never assumed anything else; she just went for it. Her 8 wing can be assertive when necessary, but mostly just makes her firm and not someone to mess with, despite her pleasant, affable outlook.

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