Functional Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Floyd is an exceptional surgeon because he primarily specializes in heart surgeries, and he remains detached enough to just deal with the facts when assessing what to do in any given situation. One example is when Max wants him to operate on another doctor and flies him out from California to do so; once Floyd sees the scans, he says he cannot do it, because the scar tissue around the heart is too torn up to accept any stitching… so he will find a way around it, before they proceed. He doesn’t allow this man being a close friend and colleague to impact his rational judgment of the situation. He is systematic in the operating room as well, paying attention to all the facts, statistics, the blood pressure, the placement of his hands, and in one instance, knowing there’s a pad in there because his count is off—so he has to keep looking for it, before they close him up. Floyd competently hires a bunch of top surgeons to fill out his staff, and is good at keeping them under-budget and on time. He becomes angry with an intern for being late and allowing his emotions to cloud his judgment—when the intern forgets to check a patient’s ear and sends him home, Floyd covers for him but knows it’s a lie and tells him never to tell another one. He methodically goes through his surgeries, paperwork, and finds out everything he can about his patients before he proceeds, then finds work-arounds if there is a problem (using strong Si-based learning, techniques, and data combined with Ne searching for alternatives). Floyd is also very stable and rooted in his environment; he bases a lot of his understanding and interactions on his own personal experiences, and others sometimes need to tell him to use them in more productive ways or to step outside of them (when he isn’t sure how to wake up a comatose patient, Lauren asks him what his mom would need, since he remarked that they were alike—this enables him to take the patient’s hand and sing to her). Floyd also “has a life plan” but alters it to include the woman he loves (“you were not part of the plan… but I see a new way forward now”), and even moves his career to the west coast when she gets a job promotion. Floyd is very internal about his feelings, but also highly principled. He gives up a lot to be with his girlfriend and to support her, while also longing to be back at New Amsterdam.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Floyd cares about his work performance and appearances more than anything; when a journalist digs up a mug shot from him being arrested and wants to tell a “triumph over adversity” story about him, he tells her to get out of his office. It takes his girlfriend’s encouragement for him to “own his story” and not be “ashamed of it” for him to open up with the journalist and tell her what caused that mug shot (it was not his fault). But he wanted to smooth it over, pretend it never existed, and for her to focus on him being a top doctor instead, because he cares how others perceive him and he didn’t want his nephew to know that he had been arrested. His confidence makes him a natural hire at the hospital, where he efficiently handles an entire department. He lives to work, and spends all of his time helping his patients, but is also ashamed of the few instances when his personal feelings arise (he gets angry at having to operate on a white supremacist who tried to kill people, but a minute later apologizes, says he should not have lost his cool, and goes on with the operation). Floyd is very warm, generous, and always trying to help people—he takes an intern under his wing, despite having kicked him out of the program, because he wants to make sure he “makes it.” Even though they butt heads a lot, Floyd is willing to listen to his suggestions in the operating room and humbles himself enough to ask for him to explain the procedure as he would have done it, because he always wants to be “on top” of his game. Floyd is also annoyed that his name isn’t on the door, and says it makes it hard for his patients to take him seriously when they think someone else is the head of his department.

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