Mallory is highly outgoing, but also doesn’t really know how to connect to anyone, pay attention to her environment, or babysit kids when she first starts off. Instead, she lights up about her passions, like talking about the many stories she has written about horses (sea horses, western horses, etc) and goes on and on at length about them. She is very random, jumping between topics and constantly bringing up stuff the other Babysitters never thought about, which makes them stare at her sometimes. She doesn’t really care a lot what anyone thinks about her or know how to adjust her behavior to them; she will enthusiastically chatter on about whatever catches her attention (“Maybe we should make cookies after the pizza as a surprise! then we could play some board games and i can show you my favorite stories i’ve ever written! then i bought this necklace kit and we could make necklaces–“), in an effort to please them, but can also become private and withdrawn and quiet when she gets her feelings hurt (“great… thanks… I guess”). Mallory will get caught up in her own ideas and forget about other people and their needs and wishes (assuming that while Sitting, she can just fix the pizza in their freezer). She loves Claudia, but is somewhat wowed by all her sensory talents and activities, since she would never have thought of doing a ‘fun box’ herself. She will throw out lots of ideas about how they might do things, or ways to accomplish things, and feel a little knocked-down if the other Sitters don’t want to go along with any of her ideas. Mallory puts lots of effort into her stories, and wants to do a good job with Sitting, and admits that she’s often drawn back to writing the same kinds of things, and to her adoration of horses, which show up in all her stories.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Mallory is desperate for approval and to be liked, so she will offer to help anyone with anything, all the time – and sometimes her helping is excessive. When she wants to win over a new client, she says that she could clean up their house while she waits, and feels disappointed when Claudia tells her that’s not their job and not to do that, since they will then come to expect it. Her desperate need to be wanted and included means she often can become obnoxious in her attempts to shoehorn into conversations, offer to help out (when others do not want her to), and bring conversations back to topics of interest to herself. Mallory, however, also wants to do a good job, and feels a lot of anxiety about letting down her friends or doing things wrong. She’s hard on herself for her mistakes.