Edward is an opportunist of the highest order who doesn’t really think about the consequences of his actions, or the future until the money runs out. He has a habit of seducing and abandoning women, manipulating their emotions and making them feel as if they are important to him, and then using them for a personal agenda without caring what happens to them – he knocks up a girl and then wants nothing to do with raising their child, he is inappropriately attached to his sister, and in the final season, tries to woo a girl, but we’re not sure if he wants her, or just her money. He plays her easily, knowing how to appeal to her rebellious nature, and tells her whatever she wants to hear, to get her to trust him. But ultimately, while he’s good at faking sensitive feelings, he is detached from most people and invested in his own self-interests.

Enneagram: 3w4 sp/sx

Edward is a shape-shifter, who can pretend to be whatever others want him to be, in order to seduce them into giving him what he wants, but his goals are all ultimately selfish and social climbing. He wants money, any way he can get it, and he will put up with his aunt mistreating him as long as it takes to ensure that he gets a “living” out of her. He will join up with the military, he will try and seduce a young woman by writing poetry and pretending that she has reformed him, etc. He’s so deceitful and good at it, in the last season, we’re not sure whether he is telling the truth about his intentions toward a young woman or not—and it doesn’t feel like he’s even sure. 3s can lose themselves in their illusions, and are out of touch with their feelings, and he certainly struggles to locate his own agenda beyond his desire for wealth and fortune, and to remain independent. His 4 wing is elitist, frustrated, and critical. He doesn’t care about most people, and looks down on them; he often plays the victim and acts as if he can’t be “fixed” (he is just who he is, there’s nothing anyone can do about it, and he doesn’t want to change).

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