Marissa is deeply emotional and makes all her decisions from her inner sense of what she wants for herself, whether that’s to avoid a birthday party and hang out with Ryan or to take pills to avoid confronting her inner anguish after finding out she gave her virginity to a serial cheater. She has trouble articulating her feelings and getting them out of herself; she doesn’t write them down, or easily talk about them to others, until she is ready (much later). She will literally run away rather than talk about things; removing herself from the “scene of the crime.” Marissa is also deeply unhealthy in her over-indulgence of her sensing function; she always reacts to her feelings by immediate action, sometimes in self-destructive ways (impulsive decisions involving sexual encounters, drinking, drugs, going on trips at the spur of the moment, etc). She doesn’t believe anything until she sees it, and trusts her own insights into people (such as Ryan) over what others tell her about them; she thinks he’s a good person (most of the time) and stands up for him against her parents, but also doesn’t question people’s motivations at all, and is caught off guard by their “big reveals” (her father going bankrupt, her boyfriend lying to her, etc). Marissa is pretty insightful into others when she wants to be (anticipating that her therapist is going to use whatever she’s told to help get her committed, etc), and idealistic in the sense that she wants to believe the best in other people. Marissa doesn’t show much Te most of the time; but she acts on her feelings, she can become quite blunt under pressure, and she gathers the facts when necessary. Her decisions are quite impractical at times, and people make fun of her because of it (Seth tells her to make a place “homey” for Ryan, and she brings him expensive lotions instead of food).

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sp

Marissa has a bad habit of self-numbing and avoidance, when she doesn’t want to deal with her own feelings. She self-medicates through booze and, in one instance, knowingly taking pills and alcohol together, which lands her in the hospital. She doesn’t like her parents fighting, and refuses to be caught in the middle. Rather than take sides, she avoids them or runs away until things calm down. She has no clear agenda for herself, and doesn’t know what she wants most of the time – she actually asks her best friend which boy she should choose, and when Summer replies “that’s a decision only you can make,” Marissa is confused about which boy to like, because one interests her and the other feels normal. She’s somewhat naïve and trusting, not realizing that her boyfriend has been sleeping with every girl in school, but also tends to over-react defensively when she gets upset—such as finding Ryan making out with someone else, and running off to give her virginity to her boyfriend. She isn’t above being confrontational, and turns to hedonism to ease her inner pain (her 8 wing).

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