What stands out most about Baghra is her intuition – she just “knows” things and comes to rapid conclusions about people, situations, and future events. She admits that she blinded herself to her son for a time, but has always seen both his potential for evil and his destructive tendencies. She sees what Alina could be and pushes her toward it; she figures out that Mal is the Firebird simply by putting the invisible threads together (he has always been able to find Alina, and he found the magical beasts that act as amplifiers; he is the descendent of the child she “cut in half” in a rage hundreds of years ago, whom her own father resurrected). Rather than charm or persuade, Baghra just bluntly tells people things, and points out the rational outcome to the situation. She doesn’t see any way forward except that Mal needs to die upon Alina’s knife to destroy the Fold. There’s no second option in her mind; that seems to be the facts. In this way, she binds herself tightly to what would solve the immediate problem, and discounts the emotional dynamics involved. That is something of her blind spot, but she has also allowed her son to survive for too long, because she could not bear to destroy him herself. She has often, in the past, lashed out in anger, when she got emotional. Bahgra also shows no real strong use of Se, in that she rarely leaves her caves, she prefers to strategize from the background, and she is not particularly innovative in an actual fight.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

Baghra is very direct and often abrasive; the first time she meets Alina, they don’t immediately get along because she criticizes Alina for being weak. The Darkling even recounts that he never remembers his mother taking him anywhere without “dragging me by the wrist.” She knows he is a problem and must be stopped, and isn’t afraid to die to make it happen, ensuring that he cannot use any of her finger bones to make himself stronger magical talismans by severing his connection to Alina and burning herself alive. She often confronts him (and everyone else) and tells them the truth they don’t want to hear, which for Mal includes that he is the Firebird, and he must die so that Alina can destroy the Fold. No one intimidates her into silence, but Baghra also spends a lot of time alone, lost in her thoughts, and figuring out things without wanting to be attached to anyone or involved in their life, except in a teacher’s capacity. She admits that she has always struggled with her anger, and that she was the first person to perfect “the Cut.”

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