Sandy makes a fantastic lawyer because he’s so good at reading people, seeing their greater potential, and nudging them toward it. He is open with his feelings and that makes others feel safe around him. Sandy is easily able to confide in others, encourage them, and offer them advice from a moral perspective that encourages them to consider how their actions impact those around them. He hates friction between himself and his wife, and tries to find middle ground with her when she doesn’t want Ryan to stay in the house (he points out that this kid needs them, but also doesn’t want to “force her” to take him into their lives). Sandy doesn’t care about his past, unlike Kirsten; all he sees is what Ryan ‘could be’ if someone actually cared about him. His idealism leads him to take a job at a different lawyer’s office, where it startles him to deal with high paying clients, some of whom aren’t innocent. He can be somewhat impulsive in his decisions, a fact which frustrates his wife, but also reacts badly to her loaning her ex-boyfriend a hundred thousand dollars without consulting him first. Sandy reacts so much with his desire to do good and his feelings, he doesn’t question his own motivations most of the time.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Sandy is the sort of man who would bring home a lost puppy, which is exactly what happens when he winds up bailing Ryan out of the police station for his shenanigans and takes him home. He gives him a chat about being responsible, and then says if he ever needs anyone or a place to stay, to call him. Next thing you know, Ryan is staying at his house, he’s convincing his wife that a “juvenile delinquent” is fine under their roof, and he has another “kid.” Sandy is a do-gooder who feels bad about himself if he’s not taking care of people, seeing the good in them, or doing “right” by them, even if it means opening his home to them. He’s also able to confront Ryan and his son about their bad behavior, and moralizes at them when they do inappropriate things, tell lies, or deceive him in some way – but he always then reaffirms them and refuses to hold a grudge. He can be forgiving to a fault, but also doesn’t like people who keep secrets from him, since he wants closeness and trust in his relationships.

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