Rosaline is “brilliant” according to other people, who often ask her to come up with a scheme to get them out of her situation. She’s a combination of acidic wit, disbelief that Juliet can be “this stupid” (“there’s about a zillion things that could go wrong with that plan,” she tells Juliet upon hearing her desire to fake her own death; and for one, she points out that the messenger Juliet entrusted with the secret is “an idiot”), and naivety. Rosaline thinks quickly on her feet, making up lies and casting smokescreens in front of people, as she convinces Juliet to go out for a night on the town in the hopes that she’ll forget all about Romeo, insists that Romeo has been seducing girls all over town, changes her mind on a whim and decides to help them run away together, arranges a boat for them to escape after a murder, and has them both fake being dead in order to mislead their families. She’s also stuck in something of a Si loop for much of the story, in that she’s clinging to Romeo long after he’s lost any affection he ever had for her. Rosaline is in love with a self-made ‘image’ of him that doesn’t match the reality, she’s forever comparing her own experiences with him to Juliet’s and feeling envious, and she somehow thinks she can recapture what’s long gone—when ENPs aren’t satisfied in the present, they dip back into the past and refuse to let go of it, which is where she spends most of the story. Eventually, she breaks free of it, lets Romeo go, and then finds a new love. She’s also a thinker in the sense that while she’s witty and insistent upon having her own way, she’s not above being guilt-tripped by her cousin, has no problems lying and obscuring the truth to get what she wants, and also sees the flaws in Juliet’s plans. Plus, she has no clue what it means to be in love. She has to consult other people about what it might feel like, gets confused when the nurse says “when it happens, you will know,” and she can’t put into words her feelings about Romeo, because… she doesn’t know why she loves him. Truth is, she doesn’t; she just thinks she’s in love, because he says nice things to her and she misses him being around when he starts courting her cousin. ENTPs often don’t understand emotions, much less an figure out how to process their own feelings when they’re young, and Rosaline fits the image of a young ENTP struggling to “make sense” of something as irrational as romantic attraction. She does use Fe decently enough to convince Juliet of her schemes, and to mislead both their families and even shame them for their behavior, in the name of peace. She also becomes convicted of her behavior when she admits that Juliet’s love letters are “your love story, not mine” and returns them. Having seen the trouble caused by her interference, and the pain it has brought upon the others, Rosaline sets out to fix it all, showing that she has emotionally matured from where she started at the beginning.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

Rosaline is a proactive person who talks back at the dinner table to her uncle (leading him to later insist that she is misleading Juliet and causing her to be rebellious) and wants to have her own life. Marriage in her mind is an outdated institution that means she can’t go places, see things, and try out stuff for herself! She has no interest in being with anyone except Romeo, and she believes she can get him back, even after he’s fallen in love with Juliet, which is the height of self-delusion on her part. She hauls out some good old-fashioned guilt-tripping and criticism to shame her folks after she pretends that Juliet is dead, though, which shows some of her line to1 surfacing (albeit, she’s lying her butt off the entire time). She rationalizes, she speculates, and she thinks about things all the time. Rosaline can’t even figure out what “being in love” is like without asking her nurse what it was like for her; showing she doesn’t understand or trust her own feelings until the end. She also shows some 6ish security-seeking (finding allies in various people, including the man she eventually falls for), obedience to her father even though she’s rebellious, and attachment to her family.

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