Nina is a bold, sensual, and confident woman who sees what she wants and immediately goes for it; she seizes the chance to escape from her prison, then tries to convince Matthias to take off his clothes and get warm with her under a fur rug. She winds up working with various people and sometimes takes them too literally at their word, putting herself at risk in the process (she goes to rescue Matthias, and falls in with the man in charge of the prison fights, then pretends to betray Kaz in order to stick it to the bad guy). Nina often rushes into bad situations confident that she can pull through them, and always does, though at times others get the best of her (she fights off several attackers, before they subdue her and haul her to a prison transport ship). She immediately joins up with Kaz after overhearing him say they need a heartrender. There’s no real thought between an idea and doing it, when it comes to Nina. But she’s also driven by her emotions, her love for Matthias (refusing to listen to anyone who tells her it’s hopeless), and does things her own way, rather than goes along with stuff she doesn’t like. She has a sharp tongue and often criticizes her fellow magic-casters. Nina can be logical, including turning over Matthias to save them both and maintain her cover, but he sees it as a betrayal instead of a favor. She isn’t good at long-term thinking, other than her determination to get him out of jail so they can live happily ever after together.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Nina is assertive, confident, and doesn’t like to feel trapped, whether that involves staying with her “sisters” (few of whom she likes, within the Order) or winding up in a prison cell. She has a sharp tongue, and doesn’t really respect the “rigidity” of the man she’s stuck with for most of the first season, although over time, as he loosens up, she becomes rather fond of his 1ish absurdities. She abandoned her old post to seek a life of adventure as a heart-render, and easily falls in among Kaz and his companions, since they can get her what she wants (Matthias out of prison, she hopes). Though she thinks she can talk her way out of any bad situation most of the time, she’s not above using excessive force, stopping people’s hearts, or kicking them in the head. Nina also has very little respect for authority and no intention of allowing other people to tell her what to do.

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