Jasmine has become a problem for other people, because she is simultaneously obsessed with what others are thinking and feeling and saying about her, and oblivious about how others feel about her constant stream of conversation. She shares all of her feelings without considering the time or the place, talking people’s ears off in an effort to attach to them, and not noticing when they are bored out of their minds. She sometimes is quite skilled at being avoidant and polite, such as in the flashbacks when she brushes off her sister’s visit, manages to get away with not wanting to be seen in public with her or have dinner with her, and successfully keeps Ginger from guessing at her true disdain for them both. She also tells people what she thinks they want to hear, rather than the honest truth. Jasmine mostly references the past and brings it up repeatedly in her conversations; she is always reminiscing about where she and her husband went, the people they met, the places they saw, the extravagant wine they drank. This indicates that her primary method of engaging with the world is through her own subjective experiences, and her focus is on being present in the world, but it’s also a world built on illusions. Jasmine has not been realistic about a single thing in her life; she paid no attention and took things on a superficial level, not realizing that her husband was serially cheating on her with every woman they both knew, until her sister planted the suspicion in her mind that he was “too friendly” with “our oldest friend.” Only then does her low intuition latch onto the idea and run with it, as she starts wondering about his true intentions. Eventually, the affair comes out into the open, but she’s shocked and horrified to be “the last person to know” about it. Nor did she suspect that her husband was a con man, stealing and living off people’s fortunes. She also has some lower intuitive apprehension about living with her sister because “I didn’t know how mad you’d be at me.” And she has no ability to think about the consequences of her deceit when she falls in love with Dwight, because she tells him a bunch of lies that reveal themselves as untrue the first time they set foot in New York. She saw him as a way out of her predicament, never assuming that it would all unravel. Jasmine has no ability to question her own thinking and no detachment when it comes to her opinions; they’re all based on her own feelings and conclusions about the world.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Jasmine is obsessed with appearances and how things look—she constantly harps on her sister about dating undignified losers, and trying harder to find a “good man,” but then turns around and lies about her life (because it’s so full of problematic elements) to the man she starts seeing, which leads him on. She tells him she’s an interior decorator and was married to a nice man who died of a heart attack, when in reality he was a serial adulterer who ripped off all their family and friends. She prides herself on her extravagant taste and doesn’t like living in a “shack” with her sister (it’s too humiliating). Though she has to work at a dental office to earn money to go to school (and has to take computer classes), Jasmine seems to avoid wanting to do things in person because it’s humiliating for her. She also says she had to leave Manhattan because she wound up measuring and finding shoes for women she used to host at her dinner parties. She is deeply unhealthy, which means she offers a lot of unsolicited advice to her sister, and can be invasive in that way—trying to drive her away from her boyfriend and introduce her to other people, but also leaning on her for moral support. She also feels torn between apathy in her newfound position (not wanting to do anything or exert any effort) and searching for a more glamorous way to support herself (being an interior designer, not working for someone who cleans teeth for a living).

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