Kirsten trusts “past precedent” a lot more than Sandy, and also comes from a place of never really letting go of the people she has cared about in her earlier life. She cares about what happens to her ex-boyfriend, even though he’s married and has moved on, but she also objects to Ryan being in the house because he has a criminal record. She uses that to leap to assumptions about him and his potential bad behavior (abusing low Ne to come up with negative scenarios about what trouble he could cause for them). Kirsten is good at what she does, and has no real wanderlust inside of her job. She takes her role as a wife and mother seriously, but is also wildly successful on her own terms, earning twice what her husband does. Unlike Sandy, she mostly makes decisions from a logical standpoint, considering cause and effect. This sometimes arouses problems between them, because he thinks with his heart, but she looks at the legal ramifications instead. (One example – wanting to put Ryan into social services, because it’s better equipped to handle him, since they do this all the time for displaced and abandoned teens.) She does show her feelings on occasion, in her tendency to make decisions without consulting anyone else – when her ex needs money, she gives it to him, never once thinking that her husband might get upset about it, or how his wife would feel. It just doesn’t occur to her to take care of their feelings in the way a Fe user would.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Kirsten is a “voice of reason” compared to her husband, and is also more doubtful, distrustful, and suspicious of Ryan when he first comes into their home. She goes on and on about “inviting a stranger into our home,” talking about his criminal record, fearing he’s going to be a bad influence on their son, etc. But she’s also got the warmth and “do-good” nature of a 6, in that when she sees him and his need, she allows him to stay, at least for a night or two (she still pushes her husband to turn him over to the “proper” authorities, meaning social services). She insists that her husband isn’t cheating on her, but also has her doubts when he comes home too late at night, or seems affectionate with his single, female boss. She is very loyal to her friends, going out of her way to loan someone a hundred thousand dollars, even though, as her husband points out, it could implicate them in his illegal activities if anyone finds out the truth. Kirsten shows the inner resourcefulness of a 5 wing, being very grounded, secure in her positions, and methodical at work. She also is careful whom she trusts and at first, comes across as over-protective of her family and resources.

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