Matthias meets Nina with a whole host of premature conclusions about her kind, based on stereotypes, what people have told him about “people like her,” and his own negative previous experiences. When she betrays him and gets him thrown into jail (to save their lives), Matthias takes her literally and gets upset about it, failing to see the big picture, listen to her pleas for forgiveness, or allow himself to think any other way than what he saw happen—which was “she ditched me.” He is very logical, by the book, and obedient to authority in the first season. Unemotional and insistent on doing what he was told to do, which is to carry out his obligations and see that Nina gets where she is supposed to go. It annoys him that she tries to make friends with him, but he accepts that some of her solutions to problems are logical, and over time, he starts warming up to her and allows her to crack open his heart a little. Inferior Ne is definitely his blind spot though, since he never accurately interprets anything in a bigger picture sense. (I know this profile is pathetic, but honestly, all they do is walk around a frozen wasteland in the first season, and then all he does is sit in prison for the second, so hopefully if there’s a third season, I’ll have more to say later.)

Enneagram: 1w9 so/sp

Matthias and Nina are total opposites; where she’s a carefree girl who takes nothing seriously and is always making jokes, he’s a stoic, withdrawn, angry man who insists on doing things “by the book.” His anger is an ongoing theme in the books, and less prevalent in the series, but he is still rigid, rarely smiles, takes everything too seriously, disapproves of almost everything, and is upset to find out that life isn’t fair in prison. He’s so mad at Nina for putting him there, he wants her dead and refuses to forgive her. He keeps mainly to himself, and tries to do the “right thing.” Hopefully later seasons will show more of his conflict with Kaz, his disapproval of their “thievery” and his moving more toward 7 in being sarcastic and witty, because he’s kind of a dull boy in the first two seasons.

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