Lestat is a hedonist of the highest order, who lives so much in the moment; the other vampires are shocked at his boldness. He conceals the truth about them in his rock band lyrics, as if to challenge them to come after him, and he lives his life as a vampire in the open—feeding off girls and presumably draining them dry as part of his glamorous persona. He is all about fame, fortune, showing Marius a good time, experiencing sensual pleasures with Akasha, or scaring Jesse by attacking a woman on a park bench after saving her from another vampire (“is this what you want?” he asks her, blood dripping off his fangs). Even his decision to turn on an ancient vampire and suck her dry is made on pure impulse. His middle functions are less clear, but there’s no ethics driving any of his decisions. He is gaming the system, baiting other vampires, and never seems concerned with aligning with any kind of internal morals. Humans are there to buy tickets to his concerts and for him to feed on, and he wants the prettiest girls for that purpose. He goes along with Akasha in her plans to dominate the world, until he sees the inhumanity of them and turns on her for the well-being of the human race, which speaks of a universal sense of responsibility to humankind. And he is both easily flattered and somewhat easily seduced into going along with others’ agendas, as ETPs are prone to doing in their desire for praise. Lestat has no interest in his future and no thought beyond now, which aligns with his inferior Ni.

Enneagram: 3w4 sx/sp

Lestat finds it hard to be a vampire when Marius first turns him because he “cannot be known.” He must live his life in the shadows and draw no attention to himself. But Lestat wants to be famous, to be seen, and so he develops a bold public image as a rock star – and a vampire. Many people believe in him, but others don’t. He does all of this to attract attention and fascination, to find people to feed off of, and to entice Akasha to him. Once she awakens and comes for him, he is immediately enthralled and sucked into her plans, merging into them and becoming what she wants him to be, the ideal ruthless partner. And yet… he turns on her in the end, because she asks him to kill a mortal woman who has attracted his attention. Lestat is acting from the heart center, driven way more by his feeling and emotions than he would ever dare to admit to anyone. He has a brooding side to him, mournful about what he has lost, but also elitist in his taste and his desire to surround himself with luxuries and pleasures.

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