I see Aria typed ISFP everywhere, and it’s somewhat valid given how impulsive she is, but IFPs do not to interfere in other people’s lives, while Aria is always heavily involved in everyone else’s business. One example is that when her parents go through a rocky relationship, she tries to patch them up by keeping her father’s affair a secret. Then after their messy separation, she thinks her mom immediately needs a new relationship, so she goes behind her back and signs her up on a dating website, something a Fi-dom would consider a breach of individuality and/or be offended by, if someone did that for them. Every time anything happens, Aria instantly airs her feelings about it to anyone who will listen—she rants to Fitz, to Hanna, to Spencer, etc. Everyone knows her relationship woes, her fears, and the details of her life. She also compromises to keep people happy rather than rebelling, and changes her mind instantly when other people get hurt by her actions. For a while, she sees Ezra in secret, constantly prodding and poking to know where her “fake date” is going (again, an IFP would be respectful of their secrets, but she shares her relationship with him), then dumps the entire idea when she finds out he has a heart condition and his doing martial arts behind his parents’ back could get him killed. When her parents forbid her to see Ezra, she seeks their approval and constantly updates Ezra with phone messages (“they are coming around!” “I think my mom is softening!”). She’s quick to confront people with her feelings, and also to soften toward them if she senses they are in pain or struggling (she shows Jenna kindness at pottery class). She also wants to open up to the therapist and tell her the truth, but goes along with the other girls’ decision to keep silent. Aria loves to paint and do art, she is often invested in things with her hands, she can be a huge risk-taker, both in following around A and tracking down clues, and in her romantic entanglements (going to his apartment, being seen with him in public in New York, etc). When she wants to know something, she rushes in and does it—doing recon, following people around, sneaking in places after hours, etc. Aria has occasional insights into people; when Hanna’s boyfriend gives her flowers, she says he didn’t mean them for her, but these are to “hurt Hanna” and she wants nothing to do with them. She tosses him out on his ear and throws them in the trash. She also shows low Ne in terms of her artistic endeavors (her mom says she “wears forks as earrings”), but she’s never quite positive about anything or anyone, she switches her suspicions around constantly to include a variety of suspects, and she rarely settles on any one particular direction (“guys, what if it’s this person…” two days later: “it must be that other person!”). Aria doesn’t think through her actions all that much, though she does try to strategize to keep ahead of A (it’s futile). She occasionally can be blunt with people, but more often chooses to listen to them instead.

Enneagram: 6w7 sx/so

Aria goes wherever her heart and emotions leads her, but then second-guesses herself, is anxious, and worries about the safety of her friends, whether being in love with her teacher is going to get him fired, what A is going to do next, etc. She trusts people and then distrusts them. She is madly in love with Ezra and then when she sees his ex left a note on his “wall,” she gets jealous and insecure and wonders if they belong together. She confides about a lot of what’s happening in her life to her friends. She’s warm and reassuring to just about everyone she meets, and struggles not to respond to them when they are in pain, but also goes out of her way to fly under the radar when she meets someone she distrusts in a pottery class (she gives a different name, and tries to avoid associating with them until the truth comes out). Aria checks in with the others about their decisions and pushes the hardest for them to tell the therapist about A, but also goes along with whatever the others decide. Her 7 wing is optimistic and avoidant of intense conflict; she likes things to be pleasant, she has high hopes that her parents will get back together (and tries to facilitate this), she has many different interests and is willing to take risks, but can also be naïve and idealistic when she’s not questioning whether to trust people.

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