Seth comes up with most of the crazy ideas within the group, and is always looking at people’s greater potential, a lot like his dad. Ryan seems like fun, so Seth supports and champions him, caring nothing about his past history in the process. When his parents want to put Ryan in foster care, Seth brainstorms the idea to hide him out in one of their “under renovation” projects, and recruits Marissa into helping out. Sometimes, Seth gets the wrong idea about people and leaps to bad conclusions, but other times, his speculations about their motives is right on the money. But like a lot of ENTPs, he gets his heart set on the “wrong girl” – one who doesn’t know he exists, and tries to make her notice him. He clings to this infatuation even when she gives him no reason to “hope” that anything will ever come of it. In this sense, he’s seeing what he wants to see, and moving toward the future he hopes is in the cards, without any evidence to support his idealism. His ideas are not always “moral” but they get the job done (he can conceal the truth, fudge the details, wind up squatting on a private piece of property, not tell his parents about his friends’ various problems, and play mind games with others or taunt them for attention). Seth is also brilliant, witty, and likes attention. He uses his tert-Fe to flatter those whom he wants to attract, and in a sense, denies his own sense of identity (that may not be my name, but feel free to call me that if you want, so long as you know I exist). He’s forthcoming with his feelings, and tends to confront people with them immediately (telling them if he doesn’t like their decisions, or how annoyed they make him, or how he thinks they’re doing a bad thing).

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Seth is clearly a head type, always thinking about things, but through a lens of positivity and avoidance. He doesn’t care about Ryan’s past, or worry about his behavior, so much as he pushes his parents to do the “right thing” and let Ryan stay with them, because having him around is more interesting and fun than having him leave. He’s highly extroverted, loves to get attention from women (even though he pines for an “impossible” girl), and uses wordplay, jokes, and silliness to connect to others. But he’s also not above taking responsibility for his bad behavior to help out Ryan, being loyal to him whenever others trash-talk him, and admitting to his mistakes with regard to burning down his mother’s house (because Ryan was staying there at the time). Sometimes he can be negative, but he coaches his criticisms inside of sarcasm and pointed jabs at other people’s selfishness, more than he lectures them from a super-ego standpoint.

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