Caleb first comes to Hanna’s attention for hacking into computers; that’s how he earns a living as a sideline at school. He’s been known to hack into personal files, change student records, and he even helps them get into a locked website so they can nose around the video log of a dead girl. He doesn’t see any of this as “wrong” or immoral, because that sort of thing is subjective—all of life is a system, and he’s skilled enough to know how to use it to his advantage. Kids pay him to hack things for them, or to fix their electronics or gadgets that go buggy, but he often does this just under the radar of the police, and is seen doing it “on campus.” Hanna sees this as dangerous, but Caleb lives in the moment and doesn’t much think about the consequences. He can be quite proactive with Se in confronting people, following people, and tracking down useful information, but he also has some tert-Ni instincts that tell him when people aren’t “trustworthy.” He gets scammed a couple of times, but thinks Mona is bad news and doesn’t want Hanna anywhere near her. His hunches often lead them to new information. He also shows an abundance of low Fe—one example being that although he never tells Hanna how much their fist time having sex meant to him, he uses the date as one of his computer passwords. He sometimes loses his temper under stress, but more often than not has a detached, even-keel approach to life. He’s not afraid to tell Hanna how he feels about things right in the instant they happen (you lied to me, and I don’t need to follow you because I know where you’re going; I don’t want you seeing Mona anymore, she’s not good for you and tried to hurt you!).

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Caleb is extremely chill and unbothered by most things; provided you pay him what he’s owed, he doesn’t see most of what he’s asked to do as in any way amoral. Nor does he think he’s going to get into trouble; he scoffs several times at Hanna’s insistence that he be careful, since he assumes everything is always going to work out for the best in his life. Only when the cops confiscate his computer, and Hanna convinces him that A planted something on it to incriminate him, does he move into 6 behaviors and consult her help in remote-hacking his PC and wiping any unfamiliar files. Caleb several times shows aggression in how he confronts people, tells them off, or threatens them to keep them away from Hanna. He also storms out of their relationship when it becomes evident he cannot “trust” her and that she’s been lying to him, showing an 8 wing tendency for rejection and solid boundaries.

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