Sara is a bundle of emotions, but she doesn’t share them with other people until she is good and ready. She has carried around the guilt and self-hatred for being so “selfish” as to allow her mother to get killed in a car accident rushing to see her audition without saying a word for months, and shuts down any conversation that brings up her mother, because she isn’t ready to express her feelings. When others frown on her relationship with Derek, she states that it’s between them, and shouldn’t involve anyone else (a Fi sentiment, this is about you and me, not others!). She is easily hurt by Chenille telling her off, and also upset that Derek gets mad at her when she is “just trying to share my feelings, and you are taking it personally!” Sara has always loved dancing, but feels like she has to punish herself for her mother’s death, and only becomes serious about chasing her dream again after Derek reminds her that if she wants that future, she has to fight for it and achieve it for herself. She loves ballet and dancing, and chooses to do that, both to integrate into her new school and with her friends, and because she enjoys the physical experience of it. Though she is awkward at first about fitting in and learning new dance moves, she progresses quickly and is confident in her ability to do it (sometimes, overly so—she initially arrogantly tells Derek that she can ‘dance circles around him’ and that causes him to pull her out onto the dance floor). She has always had her ‘one dream’ about becoming a ballerina, and feels lost without it, eventually returning to it. Her inferior Te shows in her extreme bluntness. She talks back to people, insults them at times, and sometimes is unintentionally hurtful when expressing her own feelings (saying that she just wants someone to attend her audition who loves her in front of her dad, who reminds her that he loves her). She has a tendency to give up when things become hard, something Derek points out is an excuse not to fight harder.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Sara is an interesting blend of passive and assertive energy. She can dish out insults and punch people in the face, but often does that in reaction to being provoked and doesn’t like people to get mad at her. She will say “whatever” and dismiss what others are saying, to avoid getting upset or outside of her comfort zone. Though she doesn’t want to attend the ballet and get reminded of losing her mom, she goes along with it to keep Derek happy. She backs off when she sees him dancing with another girl, rather than compete against her or shove her out of the way, but then winds up in a fistfight with that girl at school, after she shoves Sara into a wall. She sasses people and tells them off, but also backs down if they get mad. Even though she tells her father that “oh, now that I’m old enough to look after myself, you care about me,” she abides by his curfew. She also wants to be accepted and avoid serious conflict – she doesn’t mind wrapping herself around Derek on the subway to make someone uncomfortable who is shooting them dirty looks, but when Chenille tells her off for “taking our men,” she winds up dumping Derek, after getting upset with him that he can’t understand why she cares about what others think of their relationship. She also needs support when under stress – she needs “someone who loves me” to be in the audience, or she can’t give her best performance at the audition for Julliard, showing a tendency to move toward a 6 need for support under stress.

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