Hanna is a somewhat typical ESFP in the sense that she cares most about appearances, and before she gets involved in trying to unravel the mystery of A, she’s mostly focused on fashion, beauty, etc. She is impulsive, getting herself into trouble with the police for stealing, and winds up needing to sell a lot of her expensive stuff on eBay in order to make ends meet. She sees immediate things she can do, and does them, often not remembering to care what others think in the process (ditching her date at the prom to break into an office and steal files, for example). Hanna is quite direct and impulsive, but also has a lot of personalized feelings. She refuses to open up to her therapist, and doesn’t want to talk about what’s going on in her mind. Hanna backs away from her friends to deal with her own feelings. She’s mad at her dad for ditching them for a ‘new family,’ so she treats him with hostility when he tries to make amends and throws his offer of Tai food in the trash even though she loves Tai food. When she finds out her boyfriend had an agenda, she tells him off and then says she can never trust him again. She’s very blunt and confrontational, and at one point, says she doesn’t care WHY A is doing this, or WHY one of the suspects did what he did, she just wants to resolve this and move on—the why and the how doesn’t interest her, and isn’t worth thinking about. Hanna shows very little intuition. She does hypothesize from time to time, but mostly lives in the moment, and doesn’t think about the consequences of her actions.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sp

Hanna is the most assertive of any of the girls and also the one who does not want to deal with anything sad or unpleasant. She gets angry that they’re being blackmailed by A, but instead of backing down, she moves forward to assertively do something about it. She hates being in therapy and refuses to talk about anything meaningful there, until she has a personal breakthrough and is able to confront her feelings about Allison. When she finds out her boyfriend isn’t receiving any money and his foster mother is taking it all, she confronts her about it and threatens a lawsuit (essentially, blackmailing her into giving it to him). Hanna steals what she wants because she can’t afford it, charming a guy at the sunglasses station in the mall and then walking out with $900 sunglasses on her head. She has to be convinced not to wear red to a funeral, because she hated the person who died. Hanna slaps a girl when she finds out the truth about her, even though she’s blind, and is unapologetic about it. She often tells people off and then walks away. Anyone who messes with her friends gets Hanna up in their grill. At times, she shows her line to 1 in how fiercely judgmental she can be toward others and toward her own self-recrimination (such as when she sets up Aria to be exposed to her mother, so A won’t get Hanna into trouble), but ultimately she defaults into a tough, take-no-prisoners attitude and it’s hard for her to forgive and move on.

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