Ezra is a high school English teacher, who throws caution to the wind and has a sexual relationship with one of his students (because he feels like it), even though it could get him arrested. His interests are primary literary, he loves to discuss characters in-depth, and he abandoned his “moneyed” upbringing to make his own way in the world. In a twist several seasons into the show, we find out he’s been investigating Allison while doing research for writing a book, showing he has literary aspirations of his own. He also writes poetry and shares it, but a lot of his agency comes from his strong Fi – his lack of concern for playing by social rules and his need to divorce himself from the expectations of his mother and do things that make him feel fulfilled. He isn’t always conscious of how his decisions impact others, and can be naïve in assuming the consequences of his choices won’t catch up to him. But he is also open-minded, tolerant of others, and willing to work with them to ensure that nothing bad happens as a result of his decisions. Several times, he abruptly shuts down his communication with Arya, despite her attempts to communicate with him. And he also realizes how serious he needs to be about his career. His low Si loves old movies and books, and collecting details in his research, but he doesn’t show any respect for traditional thinking or behaviors.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Ezra isn’t the most “moral” guy on earth; against his better judgment, he gets sucked into relationships with underage girls, despite that being against the law, and seems to have no real concern for the consequences, as if just ignoring it and pretending it’s not a problem will make it go away. But when he’s found out, he caves to Aria’s parents demands he stop seeing her; he hates any kind of conflict, he tries to smooth things over with her dad, he wants to discuss things calmly with her mother, and he stops talking to her because they are kicking up so much of a fuss (and yet, he still sees her behind their back for a long time in secret). 9s tend to ignore what they don’t want to deal with, and provided no one is yelling at them, they merge into what they want and self-indulge. But part of him is also aware that if this gets out, it’s going to look bad, torpedo his career, and get him into serious trouble (his social instinct). And whenever he feels threatened, he backs away from people and tries to appease them, in rather 6ish fashion. His 1 wing guilt trips him and makes him want to do the ‘right thing’ which is to not come between Aria and her parents, to try and fix his relationship with them, etc. He’s often torn between his primal sx passion for Aria (he can’t “help” what he feels for her, even if he knows it’s dangerous) and his own 1 wing’s moral judgments.

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