Eddie is somewhat ‘by the book’ and doesn’t like to take as many risks as Jamie does when stopping criminals; she points out procedure and tells him when she feels he’s endangering his career by being too soft with witnesses or suspects (she doesn’t believe in getting emotionally involved, but then will turn around and have her feelings moved by someone and want to help them). She comes into the series with a lot of baggage from her personal life, including what happened to her father, and has to work through those issues and learn to trust people. She shows a lot of inferior intuition in that her hunches about people are not often correct; Jamie’s are more accurate. He warns her off guys sometimes and she rolls her eyes and tells him he’s full of it, only for him to be proven right later due to his higher intuition. She also believes in astrology and other outside systems that can give her guidance in life, whereas he’s a lot more skeptical of them. Eddie is emotionally appropriate, even-keel, and good natured. She often laughs things off just to get along with “the boys” and is considerate of the time and place that she’s in, which changes her actions toward others. She’s straightforward with her feelings, though, and has no trouble confronting Jamie or getting upset when in the field. It bothers her that everyone in the precinct thinks she and Jamie are romantically / sexually involved when they are not, because she struggles to shut other people’s opinions out of her head. Eddie likes to understand things and wants to get to the bottom of them, and is detached enough to put aside her romantic feelings for Jamie in order to pursue her career – and when this becomes impossible, and puts them both at risk, she does the rational thing and transfers away from him.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Eddie is way more cautious than her partner (and later, husband) Jamie. She always wants to think before she acts, but can also be reactive; she has a bad temper and it flares at times, but most of the time, she tries to be sensible and think about the consequences of her actions. For example, when Jamie’s soft heart has him invite a total stranger into his home while she’s homeless, Eddie points out that this could be seen as inappropriate and ‘jam up’ his career if this woman does anything wrong for which he could be held accountable. When Jamie wants to get involved with her romantically, she tells him it’s not a good idea; she is attracted to him, but doesn’t want to jeopardize her career with a fling. Under stress, she becomes more concerned with how things look – Jamie intervenes one time with the ‘boys’ and stands up for her; Eddie gets mad at him, and tells him that now she looks ‘weak’ in front of them. She’s very cautious about perps and taking them down, and warns people many times about bad things that she senses are coming down the pike (“You get her out of here, it’s about to get bad!”). But she also has a fun, playful side, and a hard time not being liked by people. Eddie sometimes takes foolish risks in the name of pleasure, such as allowing a guy she’s never met take her home (he forces his way in the door and beats her up). She has gotten drunk before, and tries to avoid talking about her past and its mistakes, out of a combined sense of shame and wanting to forget.

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